Salt Bae’s maddest moments: From drone-delivered steak to getting licked by a cow

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Salt Bae’s maddest moments: From drone-delivered steak to getting licked by a cow
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You’ve probably never had one of his steaks, but you’ve almost definitely seen his memes.

It’s Salt Bae, real name Nusret Gökçe, the celebrity chef who’s once again been the subject of internet chatter thanks to the opening of his eye-wateringly expensive London restaurant. But it’s hardly the first time: his steak-slicing, salt-sprinkling antics propelled him to fame in 2017, and his Instagram feed has remained endlessly entertaining ever since.

Here, we’ve picked out some all time classics from Bae’s IG account, showcasing the man at his most theatric, hilarious and, sometimes, downright peculiar.

Drone-delivered steak

If drones are the future, then Salt Bae’s leaving us all in the past — just make sure you don’t present him with a dangling aubergine, or you’ll have to contend with his Fruit Ninja skills.

Serenaded by Andrea Bocelli

There can’t be many people in the world who have been privately serenaded by Andrea Bocelli, and surely only one of them has had Elvis sung to them in front of a flaming grill: that man is Salt Bae.

Pretending to be in the Godfather

Forking out £630 for a tomahawk steak is an offer that most of us could refuse, but this video of our man acting out his Godfather fantasies is pretty irresistible.

Meat prep feat. Vivaldi

Anyone who follows Salt Bae on Insta knows he’s hardly averse to slapping his meat (stop sniggering in the back), but this is one of the best ones — elevated by the inexplicable soundtrack of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Licked by a cow

Salt Bae isn’t shy of getting up close and personal with his meat, whether that’s on the plate or the farm, and this particularly tender moment of man-cow affection proves it.

Motivational speaking (or lack thereof) with DJ Khaled

It’s always a joy when DJ Khaled goes off on one, and this clip is made all the better by Salt Bae’s wordless appreciation of the sermon.

Chef Mbappe

Footballers love Salt Bae — everyone from David Beckham to Lionel Messi have been cooked for by the big man. We like this video especially, with PSG star Kylian Mbappe proving that his finesse on the pitch doesn’t quite translate to the kitchen.

Dangling his meat into Conor McGregor’s mouth

It takes some nerve to provocatively dangle a slice of steak into the mouth of one of the world’s most feared fighters, but Salt Bae doesn’t even flinch.

Splashing the cash on a Turkish hotel

Say what you will about Salt Bae, but he certainly knows how to make money — evidenced by his €50million purchase of Istanbul’s five-star Macka Palas hotel back in 2019.

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