Salt & Straw Teams Up With Taco Bell For A Spin On The Choco Taco

Salt & Straw Choco Tacos on racks
Salt & Straw Choco Tacos on racks - Jennifer Richmond/Static Media

If you've been craving a Choco Taco since the ice cream treat was pulled from supermarket freezers in 2022, then we've uncovered a culinary collaboration you'll want to know about. According to a press release shared with Tasting Table, Portland-based ice cream purveyor Salt & Straw has teamed up with Taco Bell for a spin on the classic Choco Taco. The ice cream tacos will be available at Salt & Straw locations nationwide and online starting this summer, but an official release date has not yet been shared.

The collaboration was officially announced during Taco Bell's Live Más Live event in Las Vegas last week, where the fast food chain also announced other collaborations with the likes of Cheez-it and Tajin. For this dessert collaboration, the companies turned to Salt & Straw's co-founder Tyler Malek to create the ice cream chocolate tacos. In case you're already craving one, here's what you can expect: Hand-pressed waffle cones filled with cinnamon ancho chile-flavored ice cream dipped in chocolate and covered with toasted brown rice for a bit of crunch in every bite.

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Customize Your Chocolate Ice Cream Tacos With Three Different Sauces

Salt & Straw choco taco
Salt & Straw choco taco - Salt & Straw

In addition to that sweet-and-savory cinnamon ancho chile ice cream, you'll be able to customize your ice cream taco with a variety of different sauces. The first is Chocolate Chili if you want to lean into the flavors of the ice cream-filled taco itself. There's also Cinnamon Wild Berry and Mango Jalapeño sauces to add a dose of fruitiness to temper the richness of the chocolate. And if those sauces don't sound like they'll satisfy your sweet tooth, Salt & Straw will also offer a tangy cheesecake dip to pair with the ice cream.

This may be a new collaboration, but it's not Salt & Straw's first ice cream taco. Its Chocolate Tacolate, available in its online shop only, is made with cinnamon ancho ice cream and candied pecans and topped with flaky sea salt.

The ice cream company has several shops across the country in cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, and Miami if you want to try a scoop of its ice cream before the official launch of these dessert tacos. And if you really can't wait that long to take a bite of an ice-cream-filled taco, use Tasting Table's Choco Taco-inspired ice cream sandwich recipe for a homemade version.

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