Sam Heughan and Outlander cast spotted at Taylor Swift Edinburgh Eras tour at Murrayfield

Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift has attracted some big name stars to her Eras tour across the globe and it's no different here in Scotland. Among the more than 70,000 strong-crowd attending tonight's second show in the pop superstar's three-night run of dates at Edinburgh Murrayfield is none other than the cast of hit show Outlander.

Earlier this week we reported how Scots star Sam Heughan had revealed to fans he was a huge Swiftie - and he was hoping to woo her off other half Travis Kelce this weekend when he downed tools to attend the gig along with his colleagues. Sam and fellow cast members were pictured tonight ahead of the concert.

Sam confessed he has a huge celebrity crush on Taylor as he revealed he has tickets to see the Love Story singer. He then went on about his plan to make Taylor fall in love with him when she hopefully spies him in the audience at Murrayfield.

The 44-year-old actor, who hails from Balmaclellan in Dumfries and Galloway, took to Instagram earlier this week to share an interview clip from the Outlander set where he spoke about his crush on Swift, 34.

In the footage, which features Swift's track, 'Are You Ready For It?' in the background, Sam says: "We're gonna go see Taylor Swift play in Scotland and I think most of the cast are going."

He adds: "She obviously doesn't know this but when she comes to Scotland and sees me in the audience, she's gonna forget all about... him," with a cheeky grin, referring to Swift's current boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce before confidently adding she will "fall in love in with a man in a ginger wig."

He continued: "How could she resist? You know, she's gonna shake him off and take me out instead. I'm really excited."

He ended the clip by creating a heart shape with his hands, a known Swiftie symbol which fans make throughout the Fearless Era of Swift's show.

The Scots actor did not disclose at the time which night he would be attending the Eras Tour at Murrayfield Stadium but confirmed that he would be attending with many of his Outlander co-stars who were lucky enough to get their hands on tickets.

His confession came just days after Sam was spotted in London getting cosy with a mystery brunette last weekend.

The pair held hands as they walked through the streets of London together, both dressed in casual outfits.

The Outlander actor has not been romantically connected to another female since dating Australian model Monika Clarke back in 2022 and fans have been left mystified as to who this new mystery woman is.

However, if Sam's dreams do come true at Murrayfield Stadium and Taylor picks him out of the crowd, his latest flame may not last long either.

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