Sam Ryder confident about Eurovision

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Sam Ryder confident about Eurovision credit:Bang Showbiz
Sam Ryder confident about Eurovision credit:Bang Showbiz

Sam Ryder is confident about Eurovision.

The 32-year-old singer is representing the UK at the annual song contest this week and insisted that he wants a "buzzy energy of positivity" going in to the show.

He told The Sun newspaper: "In the UK we become victims of a self-perpetuating and a negative narrative.

"This stigma that we’re not liked . . . my experience has been totally the opposite.

"I really hope that above all else, we carry ourselves with a buzzy energy of positivity going into this.

“Get together with your friends and family, make some food, watch Eurovision and have a blast.

“It’s one night of the year and it’s such a joy.”

And Sam is doing everything he can to ensure a good result, including turning down a night out with TV presenter Rylan Clark.

He said: "I told him it’s not happening. Otherwise it will be Rylan’s fault when I can’t sing.

“I know it might sound boring but there are a lot of fans in the UK and we all want to do the best job we possibly can.”

Rylan - who hosted the BBC coverage of the semi-finals - previously admitted he had gotten in trouble with the head of the British delegation, for taking their act out.

He said: "It is tradition that I always take the British act out, normally on the Wednesday or the Thursday, and then the head of delegation always has a go at me because I take them out."

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