Sam Smith Apologises To Dustin Lance Black Following Sensational Oscars Claim

Sam Smith might have won an Oscar on Sunday night but we reckon he’s had a pretty rubbish time since then, with the UK singer sparking controversy after sensationally claiming to be the first openly gay man to win one.

Obviously this is not the case with many openly gay men and women winning the prestigious award in the past - including his friend Tom Daley’s fiancé Dustin Lance Black.

Dustin hit the headlines yesterday when he took to his Twitter account to express his disdain for Sam’s ignorance, writing: “Hey @SamSmithWorld, if you have no idea who I am, it may be time to stop texting my fiancé.”

Ooft, burn.

Sam took to his own social media account last night to apologize to the filmmaker, writing: “Second openly gay man to win an oscar or third or fourth or 100th, It wasn’t my point.

“Apologies for the mix up @DLanceBlack I’ll be sure to check out your films now x Belated Congrats on the Oscar x”.

Yikes - did he genuinely not even know that Dustin was a filmmaker?

Dustin won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar back in 2009 for his critically acclaimed film ‘Milk’, about gay politician Harvey Milk and took Sam’s apology in good grace, insisting that he didn’t mind Sam texting Tom, writing: “Dear Internet: @TomDaley1994 and @samsmithworld are pals. They text.

“Thus my surprise Sam took me for a closet case! Feel free to laugh.”

Well, we don’t think that Sam will forget this in a hurry…