Samantha Bee Invites 'Brainwashed' NRA Members To Join Scientology Instead

Anna Menta
Samantha Bee Invites 'Brainwashed' NRA Members To Join Scientology Instead 

Samantha Bee has a solution to defeating the National Rifle Association: persuade its members to join Scientology instead.

After a month-long hiatus, the late-night comedian returned to Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Wednesday. And she took aim at the NRA, saying the gun group and Scientology are two very similar, very weird American organizations. The difference is one is armed with assault rifles. The NRA also has a bit more political power, what with half of Washington in its pockets. But when you strip away the politics, Bee argued, the NRA starts looking more and more like a cult.

"Most of us know the NRA as a lobbying group for gun manufacturers," said Bee, "but to its hardcore member it's more than that." The comedian conceded that gun culture and Scientology aren't exactly the same—"for one, Scientology's got way betters songs"—but she highlighted a few key similarities. "Both of these cults are based on fanciful myths," Bee argued. "One says that 75 million years ago an intergalactic warlord nuked billions of people in volcanoes, and then there's the really crazy myth that guns have nothing to do with gun violence."

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Bee continued that both organizations have "delusions of grandeur," supporting her argument with an odd video clip of Tom Cruise insisting that Scientology is the only thing that can save the world.

So, in the spirit of making the nation a little safer, Bee suggested that the members of one cult—the NRA—transition to the other, slightly less gun-crazed one. "If any NRA members are hate-watching us right now, there is hope," Bee promised, kicking off a special PSA to the NRA clip.

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“Scientology can fill all the holes in your soul that the NRA currently does,” Bee said to the camera with a winning smile. “It will bless you with fear, power fantasies, a creepily ageless leader—and merch!”

"Is Scientology safe? Of course not! It's bonkers!" she continued with a laugh. "But it's like... safer for the rest of us. So if it keeps you from feeling like you need to load up on AR-15s, then hail Xena or whatever!"

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