Samantha Bee wants to do away with filibusters: ‘Kill it, burn it, strangle it’

Samantha Bee wanted to bust up the filibuster on Wednesday’s “Full Frontal.” Recently, the bi-partisan independent commission to investigate the January 6th attacks failed to advance despite receiving the majority of senate votes, 54 to 35.

“Basically, even though Democrats control the Senate, the House, and the White House, if we want to pass any non-budgetary legislation, we need to have a supermajority in the senate,” Bee said. “Unfortunately, we have a measly simple majority so we're screwed.”

In order to pass legislation, 60 senate votes are required, and many progressive agendas face an uphill battle despite having the majority of U.S. voters and politicians backing them. Which is why Samantha Bee wants Democrats to do away with the rule.

“We have to kill the filibuster,” Bee said. “Until we lose the filibuster, the entire progressive agenda is at risk from voting rights to immigration reform to gun control to climate policy. Democrats, you won. Stop letting the losers call the shots.”