Samsung Galaxy Z fold3: How to pre-order the brand’s latest smartphone

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The newest Galaxy folding model offers water resistance, in case of any trips down the toilet (iStock/The Independent)
The newest Galaxy folding model offers water resistance, in case of any trips down the toilet (iStock/The Independent)

While you may associate a flip or fold phone with your old Motorola, they’re slowly but surely becoming cool again.

And, according to Samsung, the future is “foldable” – the brand is on a mission to make them mainstream, which is clear from the launch of its two latest handsets: the Galaxy Z fold3 and the Galaxy Z flip3.

The fold3 uses a flexible display and folds in half horizontally across its 6.7in screen. It runs Android 11, with Samsung claiming it worked alongside Google and Microsoft to make sure the apps work better in this foldable format.

And the handsets aren’t the only new releases – the tech giant is also bringing us an updated version of its Galaxy watch and adding to its line of wireless earbuds.

But if you’re like us, you’re likely to be most excited about the launch of the Galaxy Z fold3. So, we’re here to tell you everything there is to know about the device, including its specs and how you can pre-order it now.

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Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3

Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3 release date

The new phone will be released on Monday 27 August, along with the Galaxy Z flip3 (£949,, the Galaxy watch4 (£409, and the Galaxy buds2 (£139,

Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3 specs

Samsung is making big moves with the launch of this device: it’s the first water-resistant model and it’s come on leaps and bounds from last year’s fold2, featuring a whole host of improvements.

It has a new protective film that is said to be 80 per cent more durable, and the folding screen has a built-in front camera. It also boasts faster processing speeds than its predecessor.

The 6.2in screen unfolds to reveal a 7.6in tablet screen, and, unlike the flip3, it is compatible with the S pen.

How to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z fold3

If you’re looking to get your hands on the device before anyone else, you can pre-order now via Samsung and Amazon.

Buy now £1599.00,

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