Sanditon star teases exciting details about show's love triangle

Photo credit: Simon Ridgway - ITV
Photo credit: Simon Ridgway - ITV

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Sanditon star Leo Suter has teased an upcoming storyline on the ITV drama.

The eight-part series, based on Austen's unfinished novel of the same name, follows the life of Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) who moves to the sleepy village Sanditon where she meets the show's protagonist, Sidney Parker (Theo James).

Suter, who plays Young Stringer, spoke to Digital Spy about what qualities of his character might appeal to Charlotte, teasing a potential love triangle.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

"Team Stringer vs Team Sidney takes on physical manifestations at a rowing regatta and Team Stringer literally takes on Team Sidney," Suter told us. "I won't ruin who wins, but it's neck and neck, and it was very good fun to film.

"There wasn't much acting involved. We were really going for it, our male egos trying to row as fast as we could – so that's something for young Charlotte to look upon and form an opinion on, however she will. And then there's a ball and at the ball things will all come to a head."

Photo credit: RED PLANET - ITV
Photo credit: RED PLANET - ITV

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Talking about how Stringer and Sidney have similar characteristics, but aim for their goals in different ways, the actor said: "Stringer presents a very different option to Charlotte, and he's almost the polar opposite to Theo.

"They're both strong-willed, they both want things, but they go about getting them in different ways. And I think because of Stringer's social status, he has to be more humble, he has to be more polite because if he's not, he's never going to get to where he wants to be."

Discussing what makes his character different from Sidney, Suter continued: "He's aspiring to be an architect and to move up through society and if he is as bashful as Sidney is, he's got no hope in hell of reaching that point.

"So there's a frustration under the surface. He's a normal human. He gets frustrated and he can see injustice, but he's just not able to shout about it in the way that Sidney can."

Photo credit: RED PLANET - ITV
Photo credit: RED PLANET - ITV

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The actor went on to reveal that Charlotte might actually relate to some of Stringer's values.

"But in terms of what that means for Charlotte, she can relate much better to Stringer and befriend him and he provides an outlet for her to be more honest and truthful and not feel judged or nervous around him," Suter added.

"He really has to bite his tongue. There are times when I want Stringer to barrel in and give his two pennies worth, but he can't speak to his boss and his boss's brother in such hard, cold terms.

"He's definitely held back by his social status and I think that's part of the reason why he's so keen to rise up through the ranks, so he doesn't have to be so subservient to people."

Sanditon continues at 9pm this Sunday (September 29) on ITV.

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