Santander announces staff and '30 million' customers hacked after cybercriminal attack

-Credit: (Image: LightRocket via Getty Images)

Santander has apologised after 'millions' of customers and all staff members reportedly had their personal data stolen by hackers this month.

The cybercriminal gang, which claim they have also hacked Ticketmaster this week too, are believed to have accessed data from 560 million people - 30 million of which are Santander customers, the group has said.

Around 200,000 people are employed by Santander worldwide, with 20,000 of these in the UK.

Santander released a statement saying it had "become aware" of unauthorised access to a Santander database hosted by a third-party provider, The Mirror reports.

The bank said it had immediately "implemented measures to contain the incident". But after investigation, it confirmed that information relating to customers in Chile, Spain, and Uruguay had been accessed. It confirmed that data from "all" other Santander markets and businesses had not been affected.

It added: "No transactional data, nor any credentials that would allow transactions to take place on accounts are contained in the database, including online banking details and passwords."

It's not known which data specifically was access, but Santander did confirm its banking systems remained unaffected.

The bank continued: "We apologise for the concern this will understandably cause and are proactively contacting affected customers and employees directly. We have also notified regulators and law enforcement and will continue to work closely with them."

A group called ShinyHunters reportedly took responsibility for this hack on an online forum, according to the BBC. It claimed to have collected bank account details from 30million people, but Santander has not commented on how accurate this is.

They also claimed to have stolen data from Ticketmaster but the forum has since been taken down by police, and experts say these claims should be treated with caution.

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