Santino Dymiter murder: Drill rapper Young Dizz groomed schoolboys who killed teenager

Anthony France
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Isaac Donkoh, known as Young Dizz, offered youngsters free meals in chicken and bagel shops before encouraging them to torture drug rivals
Isaac Donkoh, known as Young Dizz, offered youngsters free meals in chicken and bagel shops before encouraging them to torture drug rivals

Two schoolboys sentenced to life for hacking an 18-year-old man to death with machetes in east London had been groomed into a gang by a notorious drill rapper.

The killers were aged just 14 and 16 when they set upon Santino Dymiter in August 2019.

Rahiem Anderson, aka Ramzy, now 18, and his accomplice, now 16, were both wearing electronic tags at the time of the attack in Chadd Green, Plaistow.

Just weeks before, the pair were released from young offenders’ institutions having been convicted over a plot with Isaac Donkoh - known as Young Dizz - to kidnap a 16-year-old who was stripped naked, tortured and filmed in Barking in 2018.

Donkoh, 25, who featured on former BBC DJ Tim Westwood’s YouTube channel, groomed youngsters with free meals in chicken and bagel shops in Beckton, police said previously.

PA Wire
PA Wire

On Tuesday, Anderson, from Romford, was locked up for at least 18 years and three months for Santino’s murder at the Old Bailey.

The younger defendant was detained for life with a minimum term of 16 years.

During their trial, jurors heard the killing was linked to the Beckton Boys gang, who had a long-running dispute with the Chadd Green gang, with whom Santino was associated.

At about 3.20pm, the two teenagers arrived in Chadd Green in a stolen Ford S-Max car, wearing black clothes and latex gloves, with their faces covered by bandanas.

Armed with machetes, they went for Santino and an 18-year-old friend who took refuge in his nearby home.

Santino was heard to scream “help me” as he suffered a succession of slashing and stabbing blows.

He collapsed on the pavement and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The getaway car, which was found abandoned, was linked to the two attackers by DNA and fingerprints. The pair’s movements were also traced through their electronic tags.

PA Wire
PA Wire

Anderson made no comment when arrested.

But while on remand at Cookham Wood Young Offenders’ Institution, prison officers heard him boasting loudly about the killing to inmates.

In a victim impact statement, Santino’s mother Malgorzata Dymiter described how he had previously got in with the “wrong crowd”.

She said: “Unless you are a mother you cannot know what it feels like to lose a child but to lose a child through senseless and stupid violence is beyond words.”

Judge Richard Marks QC said: “So far as the victim Santino Dymiter is concerned, he was no angel as the jury heard.

“But he was 18-years-old and he had his whole life ahead of him. He did not deserve to die, still less in the circumstances in which he did.”

Detective Chief Inspector Laurence Smith said: “The wound that killed Santino was struck with a machete into his back entering more than 12 centimetres and severing arteries.

“Our enquiries led us to believe that when the two teenagers committed their attack, they intended to murder both Santino and his friend.

“Ultimately, a young man is dead and two people will now waste the best years of their lives in jail.

“There are no winners. The shockwaves of the convictions and the resulting sentences will resonate throughout the families and loved ones of all of those concerned for years to come.”

Donkoh is serving a 12-and-a-half-year sentence for conspiracy to kidnap, false imprisonment, blackmail, causing grievous bodily harm and perverting the course of justice.

Westwood has previously said he does not “condone or encourage violence” and “does not support or promote violent drill music on TIMWESTWOODTV".

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