Sao Paulo Man Creates Magical Mode of Transport With Broomstick Designed for 'Muggles'

Ever wanted to travel to work by broom? Well, you might just get the chance thanks to one Harry Potter fan from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who invented a motorized broomstick for muggles.

Alessandro Russo, who devised the broomstick, believes the magical mode of transport will be useful for day-to-day urban living.

“Actually, I tell my friends that now I only go to the bakery using my broom. But it’s not a joke. I actually do that,” Russo, 28, told Reuters. “I use my broom as a means of transportation nowadays. And it’s so fun.”

The broomsticks, which can reach a speed of 37 mph, are powered by a singular motorized wheel and its direction can be controlled by the rider leaning to the left or to the right.

According to Reuters, the brooms are still limited to personal use, but Russo’s company Nuvem Vassouras has plans to start selling the broomsticks, which cost around $740 each.

“Our final goal is to sell the brooms to the world and maybe create a new variation of Quidditch,” said Russo. “And it’ll look a lot like the one played in the Harry Potter movies.” Credit: Nuvem Vassouras via Storyful