Sara Foster Is the World Champion of Snot Sucking: ‘It Doesn’t Gross Me Out’

Sara and Erin Foster (Photo: Getty Images)

Sara Foster, sister of Erin, daughter of David, mother of Valentina and Josephine, has finally faced the stark, grim reality that yes, she has a uniform.

“I have become that mom — the mom that has one. Mine is high-waisted jeans and a Rails flannel shirt. I’m an ’80s hashtag mom. I admit it. But it’s my go-to, every single day,” Foster tells Yahoo Style.

If you’re looking for someone to wax poetic about the magic and wonders of parenthood, Foster isn’t that woman. When discussing that staple of children’s dinners everywhere, the chicken nugget (organic, of course), she has a menu suggestion: “Sometimes you should switch it up and do pancakes. That’s what I do when I have nothing else prepared.”

She and her sister, Erin, have partnered with Fridababy on a series of limited edition downloadable Mother’s Day cards that infuse the day with a lovely and welcome dose of sarcasm. Here’s one for the nanny: “Thank you for raising my kids while simultaneously telling people what a great mom I am.”

When the brand approached her about the cards, she said yes. “They had this appreciation of our spin on motherhood and anything motherhood-adjacent. We don’t involve ourselves in anything that doesn’t include honesty and self-deprecation and taking the piss. It was the perfect fit,” she says of her and Erin.

Speaking of perfect, let’s talk about the NoseFrida. Like many parents, Foster knew about the much-lauded snot sucker. I, too, feverishly used it on my child, until he finally, at age six, learned to blow his own nose. It’s the most effective, and weirdly addictive, way of clearing up a kid’s congestion. “What did parents do before when their kids had colds? Leave them in their misery?” wonders Foster. “I remember when my first daughter got her first cold, at about six months, and she couldn’t breathe, and she couldn’t eat, and she was so miserable. I felt horrible.”

Sucking boogers from her kids’ nostrils came naturally to her.

“It doesn’t gross me out. My husband does it too. It’s our tool. My kids refer to it as the nose suckie,” says Foster.

Her better half, tennis player Tommy Haas, is also a pro at the device. “He’s so thorough. When he’s on snot patrol, he gets it all out. I have to hold them down. My youngest daughter, she tries to put it in her mouth,” she says.

So given that Sunday is, in fact, Mother’s Day, does Foster have any grand plans?

“Nothing. I’ve heard nothing. My husband is in Rome playing tennis, for a job. I’ll probably focus more on my mom. I’m sure we’ll go to Malibu and have brunch and I’ll dump the kids on her and get a manicure. Doesn’t that sound perfect?” she says.

Why yes, in fact, it does.

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