Sarah Cawood says she feels 'lucky' after breast cancer diagnosis

Watch below: Sarah Cawood on sharing her cancer diagnosis with her kids

Sarah Cawood has opened uo about her breast cancer diagnosis.

The former Live & Kicking presenter made her illness public last week but has gone into more detail on the latest episode of Loose Women.

She revealed that doctors found her cancer after undergoing her first mammogram.

Sarah Cawood has opened up about her breast cancer diagnosis. (ITV)
Sarah Cawood has opened up about her breast cancer diagnosis. (ITV)

The broadcaster also said that she feels "lucky" as the cancer was found early and has been graded as stage one by doctors.

To try and get rid of the cancer, Cawood has undergone a lumpectomy and is set to begin radiotherapy.

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Cawood spoke on the show about finding out she had cancer, calling it "triggering" as she had recently lost a friend aged 33 to the disease.

She also detailed her positive approach to life after being diagnosed, saying: "Why worry about something that hasn’t happened? I can’t cry into my gin when I’m stage one and some people are stage three, stage four, terminally diagnosed – that would be really unfair of me."

Sarah Cawood talks about her breast cancer diagnosis (ITV)
Sarah Cawood talks about her breast cancer diagnosis (ITV)

Cawood, who no longer works in television, also used her time on the show to urge women to get their breasts checked if they believe there is anything unusual and to not put off having a mammogram.

Cawood is best known for presenting on children's TV, most notably on the BBC's Saturday morning show Live & Kicking.

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She also presented The Girlie Show for Channel 4 and Night Fever on Channel 5. Cawood also had a stint as a Loose Women panellist in 2003.

Sarah Cawood arrives at the Sea Shepherd party on board HMS Belfast in London.   (Photo by Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)
Sarah Cawood used to present 'Live & Kicking'. (PA Images via Getty Images)

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the UK and the symptoms include a lump on the breast.

Noticeable symptoms can also include breasts changing shape, nipple discharge including blood, armpit swelling, breasts dimpling, a rash or a change in appearance of the nipple.

Breast cancer is more common in women over 50 or if there is a family history of the disease.