Sarah Ferguson opens up on late Queen's love for ITV soap on Loose Women

Sarah Ferguson made a delightful appearance on Loose Women on Wednesday, as she opened up on her relationship with the late Queen, and provided an update on her health.

Discussing the late Queen Elizabeth, Fergie explained their special bond. The 64-year-old spoke of the "greatest gift" the late monarch had ever given her, and it was her wisdom of self-confidence and being herself.

Fergie spoke fondly of the late Queen, as she explained she has taken the nugget of wisdom and applied it to life today, always remembering to stay true to herself. Topic later turned to Coronation Street, as they pointed out the Queen was a huge fan.

"She absolutely LOVED Corrie," Fergie exclaimed. Christine Lampard asked: "On that note, are you wanting a little cameo on Corrie?," before the Duchess of York replied 'yeah' as she was drowned out by whooping from the audience.

Fergie elaborated: "No, I'm not wanting it. I'm going to get it," she said defiantly. Sally Dynevor, known for her role on the ITV soap as Sally Metcalfe, even appeared to jokingly confirm the rumours as she chimed in.

Queen Elizabeth II having tea
Queen Elizabeth loved sitting down to watch the ITV soap on weeknights -Credit:(Image: Getty)

She said: "Me and Sarah have been chatting, and she's going to come along to the street and be my long lost other sister," as Fergie appeared to be thrilled at the idea - although I wouldn't bet on an appearance.

"Would I get a cup of tea?," Fergie quipped as Sally confirmed, "well, you'd get a mug of tea. The Queen didn't have a mug did she? She wouldn't have had a mug," she concluded finishing her own sentence.

"Honestly you would fit in perfectly," Sally said as Christine added: "You are cast already, we are working on it, we look forward to heard it here first."

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Elsewhere, later in the show she also gave a candid health update following her cancer diagnosis earlier this year. Sarah was diagnosed with skin cancer back in January, just a short few months on from battling breast cancer.

Sarah said, after confirming she is still taking treatment, which will likely be for the rest of her life, "It's the biggest organ we have, the skin. My dad died of it, and my best friend died of melanoma aged 41 and she never saw the sun, so don't wait for the sun to go and get checked, hers was between the toes. Please don't be frightened to get checked.

"Melanoma hides, my mole was on my thigh and I never had it out in the sun. How my wonderful dermatologist found it I will never know, but luckily she did and I am here today to talk about it."

Speaking of her skin damage over the years, Fergie added: "I am still recieving treatment. I think I will be having treatment for probably the rest of my life for the melanoma. My mum threw me out in 1960 with Nivea on because she didn't know back in those days. I do however now have a lot of skin damage from my lifestyle."

As discussion turned to the Royals, Brenda Edwards asked her: "In light of everything you have been through, and of course the news of Princess Kate and the King, have you given them any advice or spoken about the treatment?"

"I think the great thing is they have set a great example and spoken about it themselves," Fergie responded as she spoke fondly of Kate being an 'inspiration' and said Charles discussing his cancer so openly proved 'authentic honesty.'

She added: "I think when it comes down to it family unity is key, and I think we should all raise the altitutde and unite in order to really feel better."

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