Sarah Ferguson on why she thinks the Queen's corgis can see Her Majesty's ghost

Sarah Ferguson has given fans an update on how Queen Elizabeth II's corgis are settling into their new home, revealing that she thinks Sandy and Muick can see Her Majesty's ghost.

Speaking to People, the Duchess of York – who was married to the Queen's son, Prince Andrew, with whom she lives – said the adopted corgis have grown very fond of her and seem to be enjoying their new home. "They're with me a lot, and they think I'm very funny," she told the magazine.

It's not all fun and games though, as the Duchess admitted that looking after Sandy and Muick can be quite stressful. "They are national icons, so every time they run chasing a squirrel, I panic," she said.

"But they're total joys," the Duchess – who often goes by the nickname, Fergie – went on, revealing that she thinks the corgis still have a special connection to Her Majesty. "I always think that when they bark at nothing, and there's no squirrels in sight, I believe it's because the Queen is passing by."

sarah ferguson thinks the queen's corgis can see her ghost
Justin Setterfield - Getty Images

Following Her Majesty's passing in September of last year, her last remaining corgis – Sandy and Muick – made headlines when footage was broadcast of them being brought out to await the arrival of the Queen's coffin at Windsor.

The pups were later adopted by the Duchess and her ex-husband, with Fergie telling The Telegraph that it was a "big honour" to have taken in the "national treasures". She went on to add that the corgis had clearly "been taught well" and very much made themselves at home alongside the former couple's five other dogs.

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