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Sarah J. Maas is the viral author readers can't get enough of — here's a guide to her bestselling books

Maas' newest book, House of Flame and Shadow, had more than 750,000 preorders before it was released earlier this week.

Sarah J. Maas is the viral author readers can't get enough of — here's a guide to her bestselling books

If you haven't heard of Sarah J. Maas, it's only a matter of time before you do. The bestselling author has been drawing massive audiences at book appearances and readings around the world in the last few years. Now, she's going viral on BookTok — that's TikTok's community of book lovers — as more readers discover her enthralling fantasy universes, packed with romance, action and suspense. There are more than half a million posts (and counting!) tagged #sarahjmaas on the social media app.

Quick overview

Maas has authored three book series, all of which are available on Amazon. The first series, which kicked off with A Court of Thorns and Roses, was published starting in 2015. The Crescent City series debuted in 2020, and the Throne of Glass series started in 2023. In total, Maas has written 15 books — many of which are available in multiple languages — and sold more than 12 millions copies worldwide. On Amazon, her works have racked up hundreds of thousands of rave reviews.

So what's with all the hype? If you want to find out, or if you just need a good book for an upcoming flight or your winter hibernation, start with the bestsellers below. (And if you get hooked, don't say we didn't warn you.)

House of Flame and Shadow is Maas' newest book and the third installment in the Crescent City series. It was just released on Jan. 30, and it already has nearly 7,000 ratings on Amazon, the bulk of them five stars. "What grabbed my attention the most in this book was the focus on relationship building," one shopper said. "There was so much heart and care put into every character’s interactions. I could really feel the bonds between — where those bonds were broken or cemented."

$9 at Amazon

Of all of Maas' books on Amazon, A Court of Thorns and Roses has the most ratings (more than 170,000, to be exact). It's the first book in her bestselling series of the same name that follows Feyre, a 19-year-old huntress. "This book, with its magic, fairytale roots, and steamy hot romance, deserves all of the stars," one reader raves. " ... Maas' world is so intriguing, engrossing you from the very beginning and never letting you go."

$8 at Amazon

Once you finish A Court of Thorns and Roses, don't waste any time moving on to the second book in the series, A Court of Mist and Fury — a particularly highly rated pick. One shopper called it a "mesmerizing and phenomenal second book," while another said it's the "best in series."

$8 at Amazon

The first book in the series of the same name, Throne of Glass, centers on Celaena Sardothien, a female assassin who is on a mission to win her freedom from an evil king. Some readers say it's slow to start, but that the ending — and the rest of the series — is worth the wait. "Throne of Glass is such a good series, you just need to be patient with it being more action and fast paced because it's building the foundation here," one person explained.

$8 at Amazon

If you're ready to go all in on Maas, consider buying the A Court of Thorns and Roses e-book bundle. It includes all five books in the series, which is perfect if you want to fully immerse yourself in Feyre's world uninterrupted. 

$38 at Amazon

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