Sarah Jessica Parker reveals Carrie Bradshaw’s blue Hermès Birkin was fake

The bag was intended to hide her pregnancy bump (Getty)
The bag was intended to hide her pregnancy bump (Getty)

Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed that the bright blue Hermès bag Carrie Bradshaw sported during a 2002 episode of Sex and The City (SATC) was fake.

In a new episode of Vogue’s Life in Looks, which sees celebrities sit down and discuss their style over the years, Parker revisited an outfit her character wore during season five of SATC.

The look in question saw Bradshaw dressed in a green Juicy Couture minidress and red pointed stiletto heels, carrying a large electric blue Birkin.

At the time of filming, Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick were expecting their son James, who was born in October 2002.

“I can tell you everything I know about this outfit,” she told Vogue. “Okay, that is not a real Hermès bag, just so you know.”

Carrie Bradshaw wore the bag in season 5 of SATC (Getty Images)
Carrie Bradshaw wore the bag in season 5 of SATC (Getty Images)

Parker said the show’s costume designer, Patricia Field, had a contact at Hermès and had offered to obtain a real Birkin for the show.

“No, I don’t really, I don’t need one,” she recalled telling Field at the time.

The actor also revealed that Field had chosen such a large bag with the intention that it may hide her growing stomach.

“I was super pregnant; we did our very best. Look how big that bag is. I mean that bag had one job to do, and it did it very poorly,” she said.

“Maybe if it was a real Hermès bag, it would have done a better job.”

The Hermès Birkin bag, which is highly coveted by the fashion world, is one of the company’s most recognisable designs. It was first introduced in the mid-1980s and named after English actor and singer Jane Birkin.

While the Birkin bag toted by Bradshaw was not the real deal, Parker clarified that this was not the case for her minidress.

“The dress is real; the dress is real and its Juicy Couture. These are colours I typically wouldn’t wear, they’re very bold,” she said, adding that Bradshaw’s pregnancy style differed significantly from her own.

“I didn’t really get to dress as myself that much when I was pregnant, because I was working so much of the time.

“But when I was pregnant in my own life, I mostly wore overalls,” she said.