Sarah McBride’s journey to Congress: 6 key quotes as out trans politician eyes historic first

Sarah McBride standing before a microphone
Sarah McBride (Image: Wikimedia Commons/USCBP)

Sarah McBride is already a political trailblazer in the United States.

The 33-year-old from Wilmington, Delaware has been a Member of the Delaware Senate from the 1st district since 2020 – and as such, is the first out trans state senator and the highest-ranking out trans elected official in US history.

Now, McBride is eying up another landmark: becoming the first out trans member of Congress. She hopes to succeed Lisa Blunt Rochester for Delaware’s at-large congressional district in the 2024 election. Things look promising: her biggest competition in her party primary, Eugene Young, ended his campaign this week.

Here, ahead of the US presidential election on Tuesday 5 November 5 2024, we get to know this rising star in US politics by delving into some of her key public statements.

1) “I’m not running to be known for my identity. I’m running to help Delaware families see results, and my record speaks for itself”

McBride to Time magazine, June 2024

2) “There were so many pieces of the Build Back Better Act that were unfortunately left on the cutting room floor, and it is going to be critical for Congress to pick up those policies, like paid family and medical leave, affordable early childhood education and elder care. Those types of policies will be at the heart of my campaign, as will policies that I fought for in the Delaware General Assembly, like gun safety and reproductive rights. One of the issues where we have to continue to make progress is climate change. We can’t build a fairer, more just world if we also don’t protect our planet.”

McBride to the New York Times, June 2023

3) “The only way for us to craft solutions that meet the needs of a diverse community is to have the full diversity of that community at the table. That’s true in business. It’s true in technology. And it’s certainly true in government.”

McBride to People, December 2020

4) “Of course there’s going to be discussion about the potential of this campaign to break this barrier and to increase diversity in Congress and to ensure that a voice that has been totally absent from the halls of Congress is finally there in an elected capacity. While it’s not what this campaign is focused on, while it’s not what voters are focused on, it is certainly relevant to the young people who are feeling alone and scared right now.”

McBride to the Washington Blade, September 2023

5) “[Republicans] have absolutely no policy solutions for issues that face this country, and seek to distract with manufactured culture wars. It’s critical that we have members of the impacted community at the table.”

McBride to Time magazine, June 2024

6) “In many ways, we went from a presidency of progress to a presidency of prejudice. And the Obama administration over their eight years solved such incredible, transformational change on LGBTQ equality not just on the issue of marriage equality but in protections for LGBTQ people, in support for transgender equality. In so many ways, we saw the ball moved forward for LGBTQ equality. Since taking office, Donald Trump and Mike Pence have governed the exact same way they campaigned, which is with bigotry and bluster, and that includes toward the LGBTQ community.”

McBride to NPR, February 2018

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