Sarah Stage defends wearing postpartum skinny jeans: Haters are 'bitter and unhappy'

Model Sarah Stage is in the spotlight again for her postpartum body. (Photo: Sarah Stage via Instagram)

Model Sarah Stage, aka Six-Pack Mom, is defending her insanely fit body after being criticized for wearing skinny jeans only three days after giving birth to her second child.

“Headed home with Baby Logan! We can’t stop smiling!” Stage wrote Thursday on the Instagram photo that triggered the controversy. In the image, the model, who underwent a C-section, sits a wheelchair pushed by her husband and holds her newborn son, Logan Alexander, while wearing ripped, high-waisted jeans.

Fans were in disbelief over Stage’s ability to squeeze into a pair of jeans so quickly and compared their own postpartum bodies with that of the 33-year-old.

“U looked gorg… me on the other hand … I remember coming home from hosp… c/sec…looked like a swollen pumpkin, esp with all the iv fluids…” wrote one woman. Another penned, “Girl how on earth are you wearing jeans after a c-section? Wonder woman lol.”

One woman questioned the intention behind Stage’s polished look, writing, “….Does it ever get exhausting to do your full hair and makeup when you could just relax in sweats after the hardest thing ever? I guess just for me I think of the 30-45 min it would take to do all that and would rather spend it with my baby. To each their own, for sure. I guess I just don’t understand the obsession with wanting to look perfect at all times, in general, not necessarily you.”

Stage responded, writing in part. “My hair hasn’t been washed in almost a week (gotta love dry shampoo) and I barely have makeup on but thanks for thinking I’m fully glammed.”

She added, “Although, if a woman wants to have her glam squad get her ready or chooses to wear no makeup and sweats it’s really none of our business!! And saying that you would rather spend time with your baby comes off a little catty, insinuating that a woman would choose her vanity over caring for her newborn when reality is that newborns spend lots of time sleeping and I don’t know one woman who would choose her looks over tending to her baby!!”

Stage also commented, “…I’m definitely embracing motherhood and also it’s crazy that now I’m not allowed to take a quick iPhone pic with my husband and newborn baby? Being 100% honest, you seem really bitter and unhappy. Anyway, a simple congrats would suffice as I just gave birth a couple days ago.”

The model, who did not return Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment, has archived her fitness routines during both pregnancies (she has a 2-year-old son named James) with her 2 million Instagram followers.

She’s also had to defend her health habits multiple times, captioning an August workout video, “Since I’ve announced my second pregnancy, I’ve had certain ‘Instagram medical experts’ tell me what I should and shouldn’t do.. And while I find some of the comments hilarious, I choose to only listen to my OBGYN and of course I also listen to MY body. If something feels off, I don’t do it! I always do what’s best for my growing baby and put him first! It’s a proven medical fact that continuing exercising while pregnant has many health benefits for you and baby.”

And after giving birth to her first child, Stage was under siege for her toned abs, which she revealed in a crop top, just nine days postpartum.

According to Stage, both her body and babies are healthy — and isn’t that what truly matters?


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