Do these satellite images prove North Korea is about to carry out another nuclear test?

David Harding
The satellite images showed activity at the test cite (@CNES)

Activity has resumed at North Korea’s nuclear-test site, according to monitoring group 38 North.

At a time of warnings about possible impending war between the two nations, researchers from the group at John Hopkins University’s US-Korea Institute said fresh images appear to show that Pyongyang could be preparing for a fresh missile test.

The images come from the Punggye-ri site and were taken late last month.

They appear to show workers pumping out water at a tunnel believed to have been prepared for an upcoming nuclear test.

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It also apparently shows some soldiers possibly playing volleyball.

Researchers said the images were taken late last month (@CNES)

The researchers said they were trying to interpret what exactly was going on at the site.

“It is unclear if this activity indicates that a nuclear test has been cancelled, the facility is in stand-by mode or that a test is imminent,” said the team at John Hopkins University.

They said the latest images were “unusual” and could even be part of a North Korean misinformation effort.

North Korea has carried out an estimated five nuclear tests over the past decade or so.

Researchers said it could be a propaganda effort on the part of Pyongyang (@CNES)

The secretive country said earlier this week that it was prepared to carry out a nuclear test “at any time and at any location”.

It comes at a time of increased tension between Washington and North Korea.

US President Donald Trump recently warned of a “major, major conflict” between the two countries.

Tensions are high in Korea as the US has warned of a “major conflict” in the region (@CNES)

He also said that he would be prepared to meet North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un in person to try and resolve any future conflict.

It was also reported on Wednesday that China, North Korea’s biggest ally, had told its citizens to leave the country.