Satellite Images Show Destroyed Bridges and Damaged Buildings in Embattled Bakhmut

Satellite imagery released on March 10 showed damage to bridges and buildings in the besieged eastern city of Bakhmut where intense battles between Ukrainian and Russian forces have been continuing for months.

According to the latest update from the UK Ministry of Defense, Russia’s Wagner mercenary group had taken control of most of eastern part of Bakhmut, with the Bakhmutka River marking the front line.

Ukrainian units were said to be situated in fortified buildings in the west of the city, making the river crossing “a killing zone,” and making a front assault “highly challenging,” the UK MOD said.

Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin had previously posted a video from the city, disputing Ukrainian claims that Wagner were running out of soldiers in the region.

The satellite imagery, captured by Maxar Technologies, shows a number of destoryed bridges across the Bakhmutka River as well as a number of damaged buildings that they said had been targeted by artillery.

Video, verified by Storyful, that circulated on social media on March 3, showed a railway bridge in the city being destroyed by Ukrainian forces.


1. 01_overview of bakhmut_ukraine_6march2023
2. 02_building on fire_bakhmut ukraine_6march2023
3. 03_damaged bridges across bakhmutovka river_bakhmut ukraine_6march2023
4. 04_closer view of railroad bridge across bakhmutovka river_bakhmut ukraine_6march2023
5. 05_burning and destroyed_bakhmut ukraine_6march2023
6. 06_industrial facilities_bakhmut ukraine_6march2023
7. 07_damaged school_bakhmut ukraine_6march2023
8. 08_smoke from recently dropped ordnance_southern bakhmut_ukraine_6march2023
9. 09_bridge and roadway before damage_southern bakhmut_ukraine_23feb2023
10. 10_destroyed bridge and roadway_southern bakhmut_ukraine_6march2023 Credit: Maxar Technologies via Storyful