Satnavs are sending motorists into head-on crashes on a flyover that changes direction

Motorists are blindly following satnavs that send them the wrong way down a single lane flyover that changes direction at different times of day

Motorists are being led into head-on collisions after blindly following satnavs that take them the wrong way over a flyover.

Traffic flow on the single-track flyover in Chelmsford, Essex, changes direction to ease congestion.

But despite large signs on the approaches to the Army and Navy flyover showing which way the traffic is flowing, there have been around 30 head-on collisions in the last five years.

Some motorists have blamed their satnavs for leading them astray, after it emerged that both TomTom Via 135 and the Google Maps app on the iPhone can send people over the flyover in both directions, regardless of which way traffic is flowing.

Change of direction – traffic flow on the flyover in Chelmsford, Essex, changes direction to ease congestion (Pictures: SWNS)

Su Gilbranch crashed on the flyover at around 10.25am on November 9.

She said: “Satnavs pick up traffic jams so there must be technology out there to pick up the change. But how does it work because the flyover changes at different times. It’s not always the same time that it changes.”

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But she admitted that common sense should also play a part when motorists are following satnavs.

“I like to think people have common sense but not everybody has. We all make mistakes but sometimes they can be fatal.”

Common sense – motorists are blindly following satnavs without using their common sense, it has been suggested

She added: “Yes, the satnavs probably do cause some of the accidents, but sometimes people don’t concentrate enough or aren’t vigilant enough. There does need to be a better system.”

Essex County Council has said it cannot turn the flyover into a two-lane carriageway and it is “fit for purpose” as it is.

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said: “Satnavs are only ever a helpful guide – drivers must always abide by the law and any local circumstances on the road.”

Google maps – the internet giant’s satnav app also reportedly sends motorists the wrong way down the flyover

A spokesman for TomTom said it was down to the local authority to provide the information so they could update their satnavs.

They added: “We always stress that the satnav is a helpful guide to give directions on travel, however the driver’s focus should always be on the road ahead of them – abiding by traffic laws, signage and safety warnings first, before relying on their sat nav.”

Google has been approached for comment.