Saturday Kitchen's omelette challenge goes up in flames

Megan Davies
Photo credit: BBC

From Digital Spy

BBC One's Saturday Kitchen is no stranger to the pitfalls of cooking live on TV, but today Australian chef Donna Hay managed to send the regular omelette challenge up in flames as her pan caught fire.

Which is a new one for the show, really.

Donna went up against Spanish chef José Pizarro and even before the challenge started she was feeling the pressure to deliver an omelette that would secure her place on the leaderboard.

"My anxiety levels are are at an all time high. Nothing about this works for me – it's not pretty," she said.

"Have we got this?" she later questioned as the challenge was about to begin. "My heart is racing. Medics!"

So we can only imagine how fast her heart was beating when this happened not even five seconds in to the challenge:

Photo credit: BBC

"Ah, I'm on fire!" Donna shouted, as host Donal Skehan helpfully pointed out: "She's on fire!"

He also added: "We've never had an omelette [do this] before."

Luckily, Donal soon got the fire under control and handed it back to Donna to finish up her omelette – by which point José had pretty much finished already.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

"Donna, we'll have to give you a special award for that," Donal teased. "I don't know where to look!"

Needless to say, neither of the chefs presented something edible enough to be given a time, and Donal binned the both of them before sighing and reflecting on what exactly had just happened.

"That was an omelette challenge and a half," he said. "I've never seen the pan go on fire before so, Donna, you've brought it to a new level."

At least it gave the viewers something to chuckle over this morning: