Saturday Kitchen Live Viewers Left In Hysterics Over Guest Chef's NSFW Word Mix-Up

Saturday Kitchen Live viewers were left choking on their full English when a guest chef hilariously got her words mixed up this weekend.

Chef Poppy O’Toole appeared on the BBC cooking show on Saturday when she repeatedly mixed up a certain word, much to the delight of viewers watching at home.

As she got to work in the studio kitchen alongside host Matt Tebbutt, Poppy opened up about how being made redundant from her old job at the start of the pandemic led to her amassing over 4 million TikTok users, thanks to her potato-related content.

It was when Poppy spoke about her hugely successful social media presence that things took an unintentional x-rated turn.

Instead of telling Matt that she decided to start a TikTok channel “on a whim”, Poppy accidentally used the word “quim” instead.

Matt was on hand to correct the chef, but not before Poppy repeatedly said the word and then asked Matt: “What’s a quim?”

(FYI, ‘quim’ is a really grim, archaic slang word for female genitals).

Later in the show Matt issued an apology, explaining: “You may have heard a word Poppy used a little bit earlier – she genuinely didn’t know what it meant.

“I will explain to her, I promise, what it means after this show, so apologies for everyone who did know about that at home.”

Luckily, Poppy saw the funny side, later sharing the clip in question, which she captioned: “I’ve just about recovered from this...”

Viewers were loving the word mix-up...

On a previous show, it was host Matt who found himself at the centre of a live TV mishap.

The presenter was caught out by a microphone he didn’t realise was already live as he opened the show back in January 2021.

The TV chef was overheard swearing as he was unable to see the autocue for his first link on Saturday’s edition of the BBC cookery show.

As the BBC One announcer was introducing the programme over one of the channel’s idents, Matt’s voice could be heard saying: “Bloody hell Murray, that’s miles away!”