Saturday Night Live: Jessica Chastain hosts Trump-era game show 'What Even Matters Anymore?'

Clarisse Loughrey

One year on, and it's so hard not to feel exhausted by it all.

A sensation captured perfectly by one of Saturday Night Live's most recent sketches, a faux game show hosted by Jessica Chastain entitled, 'What Even Matters Anymore?' - perfect for the Trump era.

Playing "Veronica Elders", Chastain demanded to know of her three contestants whether any of a series of scenarios (real and imagined) would ever make a difference within the current US political landscape, to which the answers was, of course, always, "It doesn't even matter anymore".

"The President of the United States refers to African countries as poo-poo holes, and says all Haitians have AIDS," is answered by, "zero consequences and everyone just moves on."

"The President has an extramarital affair with a porn star right after his wife gives birth to his son. Then he pays the porn star to shut up," is answered by. "They just say he's repented and they forgive him and Mike Pence is, like, 'That's my dude!'" And so on.

Even asking contestants to imagine scenarios that could possibly make a difference, still nothing works. Not Trump punching the Pope, not Trump cancelling the Olympics because flags are "gay", not a leaked sex tape with Don Jr.

"None of it matters!" is the final cry of absolute exasperation, as the fourth wall breaks down and the cast asks Chastain if she's alright. Thankfully, "What Even Matters Anymore?" at least always ends with the host getting a hug.

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