Saute Turnip Greens Like Spinach For A More Unique Side Dish

sauteed turnip greens with chili peppers
sauteed turnip greens with chili peppers - OlgaBombologna/Shutterstock

Turnip greens are more than just the tops of a familiar root vegetable; they are a fantastic ingredient to cook with in their own right. These leafy greens are incredibly nutrient-dense and are loaded with calcium, potassium, and many essential vitamins. While less familiar than other vegetables of a similar nature, turnips greens can easily be treated like kitchen staples such as spinach and kale to create delicious, savory results.

Turnip greens have an interesting flavor. Like other greens, they are quite vegetal and fresh-tasting, but they also possess a peppery bite that milder options like spinach do not. Texturally, turnip greens have a hardier constitution than more delicate produce like arugula or lettuce. Instead, they are composed of large leaves with prominent stems in a way that is reminiscent of vegetables like kale. All of these traits amount to a hearty, filling ingredient that can stand on its own as an enjoyable and satisfying side dish.

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How To Prepare And Serve Turnip Greens

fresh turnip greens close up
fresh turnip greens close up - Michele Ursi/Shutterstock

Sauteing turnip greens is almost as simple as sauteing spinach but with a little extra prep. First, you must track down some greens to cook. While some grocery stores carry turnip greens or turnips with their greens still attached, many do not, making it a bit of a challenge to locate some. The easiest approach is to attend a local farmers market during turnip season — which runs from late fall through early spring — as they are more likely to have the greens available along with the root vegetable.

Once you've got some on hand, simply wash and chop the leaves, being sure to remove any extra-thick portions of stem that would be unpleasant to chew. From there, you can saute them in a pan with some oil for just a few minutes until they are wilted and tender. When it comes to seasoning this versatile ingredient, you can easily reference recipes for dishes that feature other leafy greens you cook with.

For example, try mimicking the approach from this easy sauteed spinach soup and toss the turnip greens with garlic, lemon, salt, and pepper. For a more indulgent option, take inspiration from these sauteed dandelion greens and sprinkle in a handful of grated parmesan. If you want to get a bit more original, we recommend embracing the slightly spicy flavor of these greens by adding hot red pepper flakes or some equally piquant diced onion.

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