Save Money On Meat With One Simple Request For Your Butcher

Hands slicing meat
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One of the most important people you should get to know when you go shopping is the butcher. This individual will be a rich resource whenever you have questions about any and all cuts of meat. The butcher can tell you which less expensive meats can be used as substitutes for pricier ones, share wisdom about how to cut a particular piece of meat, and suggest marinades and rubs that can boost the flavor of your meals.

You don't have to be besties with your butcher. As long as you treat your butcher like the expert they are, they will provide useful info and can help you save money, too. When you buy fresh meat that hasn't been packaged, you can ask the butcher to trim the fat for you. How does this save you money? When you are paying by weight, you are paying for the fat too. Getting rid of any excess means more pennies left in your pocket. Plus, it saves you the trouble of having to trim the fat at home yourself.

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Your Butcher Can Save You Time

Butcher removing a bone
Butcher removing a bone - Sarah2/Shutterstock

Money-saving moves aren't all you can ask your butcher for assistance with. They can help in a multitude of ways that might not necessarily lower the price but can definitely save you a lot of prep time, which can be equally valuable.

You probably already know that a butcher can grind your meat, but did you know that they will also remove or even cut through bones for you if you ask? This is especially handy when working with bones that are too thick to slice right down the middle on your own.

Your butcher will also typically be happy to divide meat packs up for you if the preprepared package contains more than you need. If you have a special order for a big party and you don't see what you need at the meat counter, your butcher may be able to order it for you. Whatever your needs, it never hurts to ask. If the butcher can help, they will.

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