I saw Michael McIntyre at Birmingham's Utilita Arena - he broke his accent promise

Like many, I grew up watching Live at the Apollo on my dad's TV screen, later realising they were reruns of the same shows. But over the years, no matter what was happening in our lives, there was always comfort in hearing dad's laughter fill the room from his well-worn corner of the sofa.

Once I'd flocked the nest, or so to speak, Michael McIntyre became the third familiar face in the room when visiting home. So when the opportunity to see his MACNIFICENT Tour came up, there was only one person I wanted to share the experience with.

It perhaps speaks wonders of the comedian and presenter that, before even appearing on stage at Birmingham's Utilita Arena last night, you could hear chortles rolling across the packed-out audience. He's a man who needs no introduction, but in a clever warm-up, they use the huge screens to show us his best bits over 25 years. Anticipation building for his grand entrance as people snort at the 17-year-old gags they've seen dozens of times.

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Before all that, the crowd has already been teased with what's to come in a 20-minute set from Jake Lambert, who I hadn't heard of before. He gets people laughing with witty puns before using his time wisely to casually drop in epilepsy jokes; something he's become known for as he uses his lived experience to raise awareness of the condition.

Somehow, even though we're close to the stage, dad and I find ourselves looking up at the big screens surrounding the comedians to better gauge their facial expressions and gestures. Perhaps it's habit, drawn to the TV like we're back in dad's living room - save for the thousands of people around us I'd somehow forgotten.

When the main act enters, something of his presence, his signature laugh in person piercing through the mic, has us immediately drawn back to centre stage. He vows not to do the impressions - the one's we've all had to grit and bear upon being introduced to anyone new.

But he admits he can't resist as he breaks into those dulcet Brummie tones. Laughter envelops the arena, punctuated by the howling of two superfans a few rows back. In true McIntyre style, he pokes fun at the most ordinary human things in life, and for that hour and 20 set, you think of nothing else. A rare bliss in this busy life.

I think it's almost surreal to see the real life McIntyre pacing up and down the stage; head nodding, straight black curtains flicking and cheeks wobbling as he frantically moves his face into every gesture possible. My dad must think so too, I imagine, as I see his cheeks raised, mouth-open laughing in the corner of my eye. A smile that, after recent illnesses he's overcome to make it here, I will treasure for a long time.

The show will be on again tonight (Saturday) and Sunday night at the Birmingham Utilita Arena. Tickets are available here.