WHO says 90% of Covid vaccinations administered in rich countries

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A spokesperson for the World Health Organization has said 90 percent of global coronavirus vaccinations have been administered in high-income countries, with some of the poorest nations left out.

WHO spokeseperson Margaret Harris, speaking to Sky News, said that over 40 million jabs have been administered so far. She added that only two countries defined as "low income" or "low middle-income" had begun their vaccination programmes.

"Of the more than 40 million vaccinations that have happened, over 90 percent are happening in countries that we classify as high-income countries", Harris said.

"When you get to the low-income countries of the lower middle-income countries, so it's the people with the least resources, we've only seen it happening in two countries. So there is a lot of catch up to be done and we've got countries with very, very serious outbreaks like South Africa that we need to see the vaccination start in," the spokesperson added.

Harris pointed out that it's in everyone's interest to get people across the world vaccinated as soon as possible. "It's important for the people of every country to understand that their interests lie in getting the whole world vaccinated," Harris said.

"This pandemic will continue to burn unless we do it at the same time around the world," she said.

"We don't want more variants to develop. We don't want things to get more complicated. So even though it feels like it's not in your interest, it really is in your interest to get those people vaccinated in other countries," Harris added.

(with AP)