Would You Like A Scabby Ear Plug With That? Disgusting Find In McDonald’s Fries

The offending item

Stephen Powell was disgusted by the shock discovery

(Pictures: Caters)

A late-night snack turned to horror for a diner who realised he was chomping on a used ear plug.

He claims there was a human scab attached to the disgusting ear plug, served up in his McDonald’s fries.

Stephen Powell was sitting in the back of his friend’s car on the way home, munching away.

In the darkness of the back seat, the 21-year-old motorbike enthusiast could only faintly see the chips as he put them in his mouth - when he noticed one of the ‘fries’ was chewier than usual.

Spitting it back into the box, he discovered he had been eating a used ear plug with a small scab of blood on it.

Stephen, from Cambridge, said: “It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life. It’s truly repulsive.

"I have no idea how it could have got in my fries and then served to me but it definitely was already in there – there were no ear plugs already in the car.

"I’m absolutely appalled at how many food hygiene and health and safety standards this breaches.

"A child could have choked on it. The blood could be infected. It could pass on hepatitis or HIV. It just doesn’t bear thinking about.”

Stephen was returning from a motoring meet-up with pals, when they stopped at the McDonald’s in Newmarket Road, Cambridge.

Wanting to get home, Stephen and his friends got their food around 2am and left the restaurant, which he says was busy with people coming out of clubs.

He said: “I suddenly noticed that one of the fries was chewier than the others and seemed to have an odd, foam-like consistency.

"It really freaked me out, so as soon as I realised it wasn’t right, I spat it out but it had been in my mouth a good few seconds.

"I got my friends to pull the car over and turn on the interior light so I could see what it was.

"I was almost sick. I couldn’t believe it. My friends were laughing at first and we were all just a bit in shock. But when we saw that it had a small scab of blood on it, we got quite annoyed that this could have happened.”

After taking a quick snap of the offending item, Stephen quickly binned it, as he didn’t want it near him.