Scared mum claims nursery cam captured paranormal activity

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A mum is going viral for capturing what she claims is paranormal activity in her baby’s crib, and TikTok is freaking out over the footage.

Mum and TikToker, Erika Danielle (@erikadaniellexo), gained over 9 million views and 16,000 comments when she uploaded the spooky video to her profile.

In the caption, Erika writes, “We have paranormal things happen a lot in our home. Look close, or you might miss it.”

The video starts off with Erika’s baby sleeping soundly in his crib — but within seconds, his sleep is disturbed, and he begins to toss.

Finally, the toddler rises, sleepily rubbing his eyes. That’s when Erika believes she saw an orb flutter up and out from under the baby. The tiny light flies up from the mattress and disappears out of frame.

But according to the comments, many TikTokers saw more than just an alleged orb.

‘Oh no, no, no, it’s time to move…’

Comments poured in by the thousands, sharing what they thought they saw in the video.

“The left leg was tugged to wake the baby – then the orb,” one user wrote.

“It looked like something was moving his leg from the beginning and then moved his head and arm! Like it was checking him out,” another user shared.

“The babe’s foot was getting dragged,” wrote another user.

“His leg got pulled. I’m scared, poor baby,” another user commented.

But some didn’t think the alleged orb was anything to be scared of. “That’s an orb; it protects the baby,” wrote one user.

Others were less comfortable at the thought of paranormal activity happening in the home. “Oh no, no, no, it’s time to move,” another user commented.

While others flat-out rejected the notion of any paranormal activity taking place. “That is just an illuminated dust particle. You and your little one are safe,” one skeptic wrote.

But the one thing all TikTokers can certainly agree on – when you have a baby in the home, you never know what the day may bring! From alleged paranormal activity to diaper blowouts, who knows what spooky wonders await parents in the middle of the night!