Scarlett Moffatt set to make millions after I’m A Celebrity appearance

Scarlett Moffatt famously wants to buy her mam and dad a caravan with the proceeds of her I’m A Celebrity trip.

Scarlett Moffatt/ITV/Rex Photos

But the Gogglebox family may end up with their own holiday camp judging by the amount of cash she’s set to rake in off the back of her newfound fame.

A fierce bidding war has apparently broken out between Channel 4 and ITV over the 25-year-old’s future. Channel 4 want first dibs on the star they helped create with her Gogglebox appearances, but ITV are desperate to inject some of her winning Geordie charm into the schedules.

“Her down to earth attitude and quirky sense of humour really won over viewers of I’m A Celebrity,” an insider told The Sun. “Channel 4 and ITV are both interested in signing her up exclusively for their channels.

Scarlett Moffatt/Rex/ITV

“There has even been talk of her fronting her own TV show. Scarlett will be ecstatic. She went into the jungle in the hope that it would lead to TV work.

“This is her chance to go from someone known for watching TV on her sofa to someone known for being on TV in her own right.”

As well as all this impending 24/7 blanket TV coverage, Scarlett’s also set to make a mint from her fitness DVD, which is being tipped to top the charts when it’s finally released next year.

It’s all brilliant payback for the bullies who made her life a misery at school, mocking her mono-brow and making fun of her for believing in aliens. But she’s still completely baffled why people love her so much.

Scarlett Moffatt/Rex/PA

“I know this sounds stupid but I always wonder why people like me,” the modest reality star once admitted. “I know that I’m a bit weird and I know that I say stuff that some people are like, ‘What is she going on about?’

“But I think I’ve just got to the point when I know that’s who I am.”