Scarlett Moffatt sets her sights on Strictly as she feels like Beyoncé when she dances

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  • Scarlett Moffatt
    English reality television personality and presenter
Scarlett Moffatt feels like Beyoncé when she dances  (PA)
Scarlett Moffatt feels like Beyoncé when she dances (PA)

Scarlett Moffatt has set her sights on Strictly Come Dancing, saying she wants to rediscover the love of dance she had as a child.

The reality television star, 31, said dancing made her feel “happy” - joking she “thinks she is Beyonce” when she’s out in the evening dancing with her friends.

The former Gogglebox star told The Standard: “This year I am going to dance more. Even in the house — or I am currently trying to find somewhere to go to dance. It always makes me feel happy.

“When I was a little kid I danced and when I am out, I think I am Beyoncé. I am hoping I could learn some moves this year. I would love to do Strictly, you know.

“This year’s Strictly was amazing as well, it broke down so many barriers for people.”

Revealing more about her New Year’s resolutions, Moffatt said: “Every year, I try to say I am going to do something more. Last year, it was to read more. So now I put the subtitles on the telly, which means I am technically reading.”

The star, who is doing Dry January, spoke about her campaign with Volvic Touch of Fruit water encouraging people to make mocktails to help them quit alcohol for a month. Moffatt will be releasing a weekly mocktail recipe on Instagram.


“I take Christmas and New Year as more of a challenge,” she said. “To me, if I am not sweating - like physically having the meat sweats on Christmas Day, I feel like I haven’t set out to do what I was meant to do. I wouldn’t normally on an average day drink a bottle of champers to myself, but in December… A Tuesday is now a Saturday. I do feel like I over indulged. I know I need a detox.”

Moffatt said cocktails were one of her biggest vices.

She added: “Cocktails… if you put cheeky in front of something you forget it is alcoholic. ‘Oh I will have a cheeky margarita or martini’. I tend to think that is alright. And Chocolates in general. My Nanny still insists on getting me a stocking full of sweets like I did when I was a kid. I feel obliged to eat them all - else I would be disrespecting her.”

Research by the brand suggests more than half of Brits are most likely to give up on an alcohol-free month by the second week of January.

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