Scarlett Moffatt in tears over hate mail calling her 'so fat'

GATESHEAD, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 23: TV personality, Scarlett Moffatt, hosted a Guinness World Records TM attempt for the Largest Cream Tea Party, in celebration of The National Lottery’s 25th Birthday and its impact on bringing people together, on October 23, 2019 in Gateshead, England. Scarlett was joined by community heroes from across the UK at Sage Gateshead. (Photo by Thomas Jackson/Getty Images for National Lottery)
Scarlett Moffatt was in tears over the hate mail attacking her looks (Credit: Getty Images for National Lottery)

Scarlett Moffatt has admitted she has been hurt and upset by an abusive letter she received in the post branding her ‘so fat’ and ‘stupid’.

The star of Gogglebox and I’m A Celebrity Get Me... Out Of Here! had posted a picture of the hate mail on social media declaring, “I WILL NOT let bullies like this get me down.”

But Moffat, 29, then shared a video of herself in tears saying: “I was going to pretend that I wasn’t bothered, but I think it’s important that I show I actually am.

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Scarlett Moffatt admitted she was hurt and upset by the letter (Credit: Instagram)
Scarlett Moffatt admitted she was hurt and upset by the letter (Credit: Instagram)

“I’ve had quite a hard couple of weeks in terms of press and not nice comments on my Instagram.

“I feel like the letter, as funny as it is that some went out their way to actually send a letter, it has actually bothered us quite a bit. It’s like wow! You feel that strongly about how I look that you’ve sat down and wrote a letter.

“You don’t know what’s going on in people’s lives. I am just a person. I’m someone’s daughter, I’m someone’s girlfriend, I’ms someone’s sister. I have feelings.

“I feel like on Instagram and people on telly you think we’re not real life people but we actually are and we have feelings.”

She urged her 2 million followers to “Be kind.”

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The The British Tribe Next Door star initially shared the letter posted to her own home, captioned: “The fact someone’s sent me a letter as they feel so strongly about my weight is ridiculous. Turns out I’m not even safe from vile comments in the comfort of my own home.

She went on: “I WILL NOT let bullies like this get me down. I just wish they’d left me a reply address and I would have sent them some local charity details and clubs near them so they could occupy there time as they seem to have so much of it by helping others. Let’s just be kind to people as we don’t know what’s going on in their lives.”

Scarlett Moffatt felt confident among her Himba friends (Credit: Channel 4)
Scarlett Moffatt with members of the Himba tribe in her new show (Credit: Channel 4)

The handwritten hate mail attacks her appearance on new Channel 4 show which charts the month Moffatt spent living with her family in a replica of their house built next to a Himba community in Namibia.

The letter states: “Your appearance on ‘Tribe’ was atrocious - so fat! You can’t speak properly - it’s ‘I’ not ‘me’ in a sentence.

“Your mouth looks strange like a pork chop slices in half. Whatever must those African women thought of it all [sic]”