Scarlett Moffatt’s ex claims she cheated on him

With Scarlett Moffatt’s fame going stellar as a result of her I’m A Celebrity appearance, it was only a matter of time before a disgruntled ex-boyfriend crawled out of the woodwork, wasn’t it?

Scarlett Moffatt and Richard Cull/Wenn Photos/ITV/Instagram

Personal trainer Richard Cull is the man in question. He dated the Gogglebox star for eight months after they hooked up on MTV’s Beauty School Cop Outs show in 2013. Richard claims their fling came to abrupt end when he found texts from another man on her phone. Yikes!

“It ended badly, she cheated on me to put it bluntly – and I saw the texts from the other guy on the phone.,” he told the Mirror. “There was a lot of drama. It ended very sour. It was toxic and it took me months to get over her. I was depressed and in a dark place afterwards.”

Poor Richard. And that’s not all… Richard’s co-star on the show Jeremy McConnell, who went on to star in Celebrity Big Brother, has even called 24-year-old Scarlett “manipulative.” Surely not?!

Scarlett Moffatt and Richard Cull/MTV

“Scarlett’s a funny girl, but people don’t understand how manipulative she is,” he whinged. “The person she is in the jungle is not Scarlett that we know.

“We lived with her for six weeks and she’s not the same person. I told Rich so many times she was bad news and he should get away from her. She has great banter and is a very funny girl, but the way she treated him was horrible – she emotionally bullied him and said he was ugly.

“They stayed together after the show and then she f *** ed him over. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but she’s not a nice person.”

Scarlett Moffatt and Richard Cull/MTV

Ohhhhh dear.

Still, at least Scarlett’s mum Betty is still on her side, and has lashed out at haters who branded her a manipulative (there’s that word again) bully following a row in the jungle with Martin Roberts last week.

“Scarlett does say daft stuff and lacks common sense but she’s not some­one to tear other people down.

“It’s her choice what she wants to do with her life, but she’s not hurting anybody.”

“If calling my daughter thick or stupid or anything else makes you feel better then crack on.”