How to scent your wedding, according to Jo Malone's fragrance expert

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 (Jo Malone)
(Jo Malone)

Weddings are back on. Which means couples who had their nuptials postponed due to the pandemic can once again start working their way through their checklist.

Caterers? Check. Fabulous dress? Nailed it. How the Big Day’s going to smell?

Yes, you read that correctly.

Wedding scents these days mean so much more than a spritz on the bride’s neck, from centrepieces to party favours, choosing an elegant, evocative scent for your wedding day has quickly become another item to add to the wedmin list.

Not only does incorporating a scent throughout your wedding give the whole event a unique and memorable je ne sais quoi, but years later you’ll have a bottled memory, a single sniff of which can transport you back to the special day.


Emma South, Jo Malone London’s fragrance expert, tells us where to start…

What aspects of a wedding can you scent (other than the bride!)?

“Jo Malone London offers a Wedding Consultation in all boutiques, where you can discover and explore different ways to scent your wedding day. Scented candles bring an enchanting aura to your day, enveloping your guests in scent and dancing candle light whilst cementing future memories.

You may choose to combine scents for different parts of the day, or different areas in the venue. A reception space will lend itself well to a floral aroma; the elegant combination of Orange Blossom with Red Roses will fill the room. Seated for the speeches, surprising guests with a hand-bowed Travel Candle or Bath Oil at their table in your wedding scent is a thoughtful touch for them to take home.

To complete the sensorial experience at your wedding, lightly spritz a linen spray over napkins and the table cloth to lift the scent of the candles and floral arrangements.”

What is the most popular Jo Malone London wedding scent?

“Peony and Blush Suede is the most popular wedding scent for brides. It bottles abundant, endlessly unfurling peony petals in every shade of pink accompanied by the flirtatious bite of juicy red apple.”

Jo Malone
Jo Malone

What are the main things to consider when choosing a wedding scent?

“When choosing your wedding scent keep these three main points in mind: your day, your fragrance tastes and how you want to feel.

Depending on your day, the setting, season, flowers, colours etc. you might find you are drawn to scents that capture these details. For example, with spiced ruby fruits and lingering woods, Pomegranate Noir is perfect for a winter wedding.

Peony and Blush Suede is such a sweeping, romantic scent with armfuls of ruffled blooms and is a great choice for a summer wedding, particularly if you are having peonies in your bouquet. This is also our most popular scent with brides.

I love the elegant, refined character of Earl Grey and Cucumber and, inspired by afternoon tea at the Ritz, it is the one for chic city weddings!

Is it common for people to layer scents?

“Jo Malone London Colognes, whilst stunning worn solo, are designed to layer with one another for truly bespoke effects, meaning no one else will be wearing your unique scent combination (just as you will be the only one in white!)

To increase the longevity of your scent we recommend wearing one of your fragrances as a Body Crème, this base will not only look radiant on the skin, it means that your scent will last from ‘I do’ until the last dance. Mist pulse points to enhance your fragrance’s diffusion and just before you leave have someone lightly mist your fragrance for you to walk into. This will veil you in your scent to carry you down the aisle.

Do people tend to pick scents similar to those they like to wear every day?

“When it comes to your current fragrance preferences, we recommend wearing something that is in line with what you love so you are comfortable, yet also, something you haven’t worn before. This means that what you choose to wear is not diluted with other memories and instead acts as a perfect time capsule of the day.

How you want to feel is equally important, some scents are playful and pretty, other scents are more dramatic. Jasmine Sambac and Marigold feels utterly luxurious with the sensuality of summer night air.”

Jo Malone
Jo Malone

Do brides tend to want their scent to be stronger than normal?

“We notice that most brides want longevity, not necessarily intensity. They want a fragrance that will be present and gently emanate throughout the day but not overpower or precede them. This is why layering with a body crème is a particularly good way of wearing your fragrance.

If you do decide upon a more delicate scent such as Wild Bluebell you will still enjoy the dewy, luminous scent for the full day, without over misting. Wild Bluebell is actually also a fantastic nod to the tradition of ‘wearing something blue’!

Are there any scents that are symbolic of love or marriage?

“Historically orange bossom has been a symbol of eternal love and is often placed in bridal bouquets across Italy, Spain and France.

Due to its entwining branches, honeysuckle can symbolise devoted affection in the form of a lover’s embrace. Its honeyed nectar has also come to symbolise a life of ‘sweetness and happiness’.

Jo Malone
Jo Malone

And what about the groom? Should he have a wedding scent?

“Every groom should complement (and compliment) his partner. To find the scent to suit him and one that perfectly matches yours, I often invite couples to layer their signature scent with a new fragrance to create something distinctive and familiar but with a twist. Our philosophy of Scent Pairing can also be told through the individual fragrances chosen by the couple and how they combine together.

My recommendations? Lime Basil & Mandarin, for something timeless, yet modern. Myrrh & Tonka for something smooth and opulent. Cypress & Grapevine for a touch of mystery.”

Should a perfume last past your first anniversary? And if so what’s the best way to keep it?

“A fragrance should certainly last past your first anniversary and to ensure the quality of the scent is maintained at its best we recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight or heat sources. With the fragrances you decide upon for the big day it is always a good idea not to over wear afterwards. Saving for special occasions such as anniversaries and other people’s weddings, will keep the scent memories precious and mean that you can re-live them with full intensity at key moments.”

Jo Malone London has recently launched a Scented Wedding Consultation online. Hosted by one of the brand’s expert stylists, you will be taken on a fragrant discovery to explore the different ways you can use scent to fragrance your special day. Book here

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