School Damaged as Deadly Floods Hit Eastern Kentucky

Deadly flash flooding has killed at least eight people, destroyed homes and damaged other structures, including a school in Perry County, eastern Kentucky, on Thursday July 28, according to a report citing local authorities.

This video recorded by Marlene Abner Stokely shows the catastrophic flooding in Perry County on July 28. “I fear they will try to close our small school, which is K-12 and one of the few left,” Stokely told Storyful. “We are a small community with a lot of pride for our school!”, she added.

Local news reported that most of the damage was caused by the nearby Squabble Creek, a stream off the Kentucky River.

The National Weather Service warned the threat of flash flooding was expected to continue on Friday. Credit: Marlene Abner Stokely via Storyful

Video transcript

- Damn doors have washed open the fire alarms or sounding. All [INAUDIBLE]. Oh my--