Schoolchildren Receive Military Training in Russian-Occupied Crimea

Russian authorities in Crimea published footage on March 15 showing young children getting military training in a school.

The footage was published to VK by Vladimir Konstantinov, the head of the Kremlin-controlled administration in Crimea, and shows children assembling rifles and doing martial arts drills. “Children show great interest in the activities,” said Konstantinov, adding that more than 60 students were involved in the training, including kindergarten-aged children. The military training is part of the school’s “patriotic education of children,” which aims to teach students about the “Crimean Spring,” said a press release.

“A young army is being raised in Crimea, ready to kill and die for Russia,” said Dmytro Lubinets, Ukraine’s Human Rights Comissioner, in response to the news.

Basic military training is due to start in Russian secondary schools later this year, according to a BBC reporter. Credit: Vladimir Konstantinov via Storyful