Child's play! Schoolgirl, six, is world's youngest DJ

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'She's a natural': Six-year-old DJ Amber Jacobs (Caters)

Schoolgirl Amber Jacobs has made a future career for herself earlier than most - after becoming the world's youngest DJ aged just six.

The youngster, from Pershore, Worcs, has a 30-minute weekly slot on her dad's radio show on internet station TBFM Online, where listeners tune in from around the globe.

Amber commands the playlist, cues tracks and talks between records 'like a natural' according to her father Steve.

And while you'd expect the youngster's musical tastes to centre around Justin Beiber and One Direction, Amber's favourite tunes instead come from Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Zombie.

The schoolgirl, known on the decks as 'DJ AJ', is looking to enter the Guinness World Record books later this month when she hosts her own show as the youngest ever queen of the airwaves.

She will have her own slot on October 28 at a charity event in Evesham, Worcs, which will help raise money for Acorns Children's Hospice.

Amber said: "I really enjoy playing my favourite songs and listening to bands I like.

"I like being in control of the desk and playing with the controls. I play rock music - I like it way more than anything on the X Factor."

Dad Steve said: "She first started about six months ago - I was working at the station doing my own show.

"She used to sit in with me and she really wanted to have a go. So I started letting her help out and now she has a half hour slot during my show.

"During her section within the show she has full control. She chooses the music, cues the tracks and speaks inbetween songs.

"She mostly talks about music, her favourite bands and what she's been up to at school with her friends.

"Our show has a few thousand listeners tuning in every week. We have regular listeners from Scandinavia, Australia and America.

"She really likes rock music and her favourite artists are Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Zombie.

"She genuinely enjoys doing the show. She dances around in the studio and has a lot of fun.

"The feedback has been brilliant - absolutely phenomenal. She's a natural. If anything she talks too much!

"But when she's not live on air, she's just a regular six-year-old girl and likes watching SpongeBob Square Pants."