Schools can decide themselves whether or not to reopen on June 1, Public Health England says

Ewan Somerville
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    Lets all leave
    Governments Scientific Advisors say resume, any Schools that do not comply they should accept the Teachers view and accept their resignations. Tell them to re apply when they want a job. Change Furlough to an interest free loan, repayable via a change in tax code. Watch them rush back.
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    Graham McSpindryer
    Bearing in mind children and healthy adults are the least affected. Let's see exactly how commited teachers are to educating children or how much they are enjoying their payed holiday
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    And parents then decide whether to send them . What a joke.
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    Public health England have not made clear how they are balancing the tiny risk to children, small risk to adults vs the risk of poor access to education, constraints on family groups working and homeschooling. Their advice is harmful. They need to be held accountable for this advice in the future.
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    No they shouldn’t, the summer holidays are nearly here. Government should close all schools until the summer holidays and look at the situation after that
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    So that's not going to cause confusion
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    For all those commenting about teachers having a paid holiday they are still teaching remotely which may I add is not easy. Unless there is a solid track and trace app it will naturally spread the virus through asymptomatic carriers and get into other households. Kids the younger they are touch everything and it's very hard to. Control.
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    The Troll
    Good for them, it's far too early to reopen. Kids may not get it but they can spread it.
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    Love or loath her,Scotlands Sturgeon has the best set of guidelines.
    If Boris and his hapless Govt had any sense they should be learning from the SNP.
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    Yeah, push the decision unto the headteachers; that way the government can blame them if needs be.