Coronavirus latest news: Dominic Cummings accused of making a 'mockery' of health planning

Tony Diver
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Dominic Cummings has been accused of making a "mockery" of healthcare planning by travelling to Durham with his family during lockdown.

Two experts tonight said Mr Cummings' trip to Durham risked undermining the Government's strategy to contain the virus, which works on the basis that people do not leave their area of the UK.

The Cummings' family visit to County Durham took them out of London, where there is adequate ICU capacity, including a Nightingale hospital.

Professor Jackie Cassell, deputy dean of the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, said the rules were very clear that people should not leave major cities to go to second homes in rural areas.

This is because hospitals in less densely populated areas could become overwhelmed if people bring infections from other parts of the country, she added.

Dr Michael Head, senior research fellow at the University of Southampton, said Mr Cummings had made a "mockery" of local healthcare planning.

Their comments come after Mr Cummings sought to defend his decision to drive to County Durham despite the coronavirus lockdown restrictions, saying he believes he behaved "reasonably" and does not regret his actions.

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