Sci fi becomes reality as Samsung patents ‘smart’ contact lens

man's eye and technological concept, smart contact lens
man's eye and technological concept, smart contact lens

It sounds like an idea out of science fiction, but ‘smart’ contact lenses could soon be a reality - and they could enable some seriously cool ideas.

Imagine looking at the real world and seeing computer information layered over it (like a sat-nav arrow pointing where to go).

Samsung was granted a patent this month by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for Augmented Reality contact lenses.

The lenses would have an antenna built in to connect to external devices, and cameras, to ‘mix’ what the viewer sees with computer information.

Previously, engineers from BAE Systems worked with University of Birmingham on a similar idea, designed to be used as a ‘wearable cockpit’ for pilots.

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Samsung’s patent describes a device including a thin-film camera, a motion-sensor built to detect eyeball movement, and an antenna.

The company was granted a patent earlier this month.

Patently Mobile notes that the glasses may actually be superior to previous AR gadgets such as Google Glass.

The site says, ‘In the smart contact lens, the display unit may be disposed on the surface of the contact lens or in the contact lens, and a display region may be adjusted. Therefore, the field of view of the smart contact lens may be much larger than that of projection-type smart glasses like Google Glass that have been introduced. As a result, the smart contact lens may be more useful for realizing augmented reality.’

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