Science, Sci-fi & Cyborgs – Max Vara Dulwich College

Science Fiction exhibits at the Science Museum. <i>(Image: Max Vara)</i>
Science Fiction exhibits at the Science Museum. (Image: Max Vara)

On Thursday 6th October the Science Museum opened a new science fiction exhibition ‘Voyage to the edge of Imagination’. This interactive and purely fascinating exhibition is the museums most ambitious one yet. It was designed by ‘Framestore’, which is a BAFTA and Academy award winning creative studio. They worked in collaboration with P&P studios who made the experience innovative and interesting by using an AI guide, as well as a new language that was made specially for the launch of the exhibition. With technology rapidly taking over the world as we know it, the opening of this exhibition couldn’t have been timed better.

The exhibition explores how science fiction can be incorporated into multiple different aspects of everyday life – from the interactive aspects: ‘how cyborg are you?’, to the fictional side of Star Trek and Star Wars. As you enter, you are immediately placed into a space shuttle with a captivating AI giving an intriguing glimpse of what is to come.

One of the opening objects on display is the original suit that Nichelle Nichols wore in the first season of Star Trek in the 1960s - when she played Lieutenant Nyota Uhura which translates to ‘star’ and ‘freedom’ respectively in Swahili. She was one of the first black woman to play a major role in a successful American TV show. Whilst Star Trek is futuristic and entertaining, we can see how science fiction also relates back to real life. The first black woman to ever visit space was Mae Jemison; she stated that Nichols was a huge inspiration for her, and a key role model in her life.

Ciaren McWilliams, who was also viewing the amazing exhibition, said: ‘‘In Star Trek she is very confident and ahead of her time, as she starred in a mainstream television programme in the 1960s. I believe she is a huge inspiration for young girls around the world.’’

‘Voyage to the edge of Imagination’ is still available to see up until May the 4th 2023. Anyone who is able to should visit this exhibition as the Science Museum did not disappoint.