Science Teacher builds and erupts giant Mount Fuji volcano

A cool video has emerged of an Australian science teacher building a flaming and erupting model of Mount Fuji for his Japanese exchange students.

The footage, shot in Sydney, NSW, Australia on Tuesday, shows Jacob Strickling building the model with his children before doing a demonstration to his students.

"First came the smoke, courtesy of a smoke machine," Strickling wrote.

"Next came the lava. An electric pump was used to pump 6 litres of vinegar into a soapy bicarbonate solution in a 15 litre office drink bottle."

"Next an electric leaf blower was used to blow cooking flour out the top which was ignited using the flames from a gas torch,"

"Jacob did this 6 years ago, but unfortunately volcano Mark 1 burnt to the ground taking $400 worth of equipment. I had a fire extinguisher on hand this time just in case!" he added.

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