• Cambodia's 'beating heart' and climate change disaster

    Al Jazeera - 1 hour 3 minutes ago

    Southeast Asia's largest lake - the Tonle Sap - has been decimated by global warming-related drought, Cambodians say. More »Cambodia's 'beating heart' and climate change disaster

  • Watch Homeland season 5 episode 9 live online: Saul and Carrie team up to unmask Allison

    International Business Times - 1 hour 49 minutes ago

    After playing games with Carrie Mathison, Saul Berenson and the CIA, Allison Carr will finally get exposed and will have to pay for her treachery in the upcoming episode of Homeland season 5. Episode 9 is titled, The Litvinov Ruse, which will air this Sunday (29 November), at 9pm ET/PT on Showtime. You can also click here to watch it live on Showtime Anytime in the US. More »Watch Homeland season 5 episode 9 live online: Saul and Carrie team up to unmask Allison

  • Sea Shepherd warns Japan against resuming whaling

    AFP - 2 hours 20 minutes ago

    Environmental activist group Sea Shepherd warned Japan on Sunday against resuming "research" whaling in the Antarctic and called on the Australian government to intervene. More »Sea Shepherd warns Japan against resuming whaling

  • Tackling Lebanese corruption – one photo at a time

    Al Jazeera - 2 hours 28 minutes ago

    Meet the man reporting on the stories some of Lebanon's most powerful people would rather you didn't know about. More »Tackling Lebanese corruption – one photo at a time

  • Climate change and conflict, a perfect storm

    AFP - 2 hours 43 minutes ago

    Violence has cast a long shadow over a climate summit opening in Paris on Monday, two weeks after 130 people were killed in a coordinated jihadist onslaught on the French capital. More »Climate change and conflict, a perfect storm

  • Climate talks: Do you know your AOSIS from your ALBA?

    AFP - 3 hours ago

    After years of intense haggling, the best hope for protecting Earth's climate is contained in a non-paper littered with no-text options on everything from CBDR to mitigation. Say what? More »Climate talks: Do you know your AOSIS from your ALBA?

  • Leicester City 1-1 Manchester United: LVG admits injury crisis reason for changed formation against  …

    International Business Times - 3 hours ago

    Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has revealed that the number of injuries in the defence was the reason for changing tactics against Leicester City on Saturday (28 November). The manager deployed three central defenders during their 1-1 draw at the King Power Stadium with Ashey Young and Matteo Darmian playing in the wing-back roles. Daley Blind and Paddy McNair joined Chris Smalling at the heat of the defence and the Dutch manager admitted that it was done to cut out the channels for Foxes strikers Jamie Vardy and Shinji Okazaki. More »Leicester City 1-1 Manchester United: LVG admits injury crisis reason for changed formation against Foxes

  • Worldwide rallies demand action on climate change

    AFP - 3 hours ago

    Tens of thousands marched across Australia Sunday on a third day of worldwide rallies as pressure mounts on global leaders to strike a pact on cutting greenhouse gases at crucial talks in still-shaken Paris. More »Worldwide rallies demand action on climate change

  • The Last Man On Earth season 2 episode 9 will not air on 29 November: When will Sudeikis return from …

    International Business Times - 4 hours ago

    The Last Man On Earth will go on a week-long hiatus and return with an all new episode next Sunday, 6 December at 9.30pm EST on Fox Network. Episode 9 is titled, Secret Santa, where Carol will try to reintroduce the holiday spirit by exchanging gifts for Christmas. As Christmas approaches, Carol spearheads a "Secret Santa" gift exchange to spread some festive cheer in the all-new Secret Santa episode of The Last Man on Earth. More »The Last Man On Earth season 2 episode 9 will not air on 29 November: When will Sudeikis return from space?

  • Manchester United: Bastian Schweinsteiger not happy with point against Leicester City

    International Business Times - 4 hours ago

    Bastian Schweinsteiger has conceded that he is disappointed at not having secured more than a point away against Leicester City, which would have taken them to the top of the league table. The Red Devils found themselves trailing after high-flying Jamie Vardy scored the opener for Leicester, breaking Ruud van Nistelrooy's record and becoming the first player in Premier League history to score goals in 11 consecutive games. Schweinsteiger equalised for the Red Devils just before the halfway mark off a corner, but United failed to create further opportunities in the game, with their only other shot on target coming from the German again in the second half. More »Manchester United: Bastian Schweinsteiger not happy with point against Leicester City

  • Hong Kong's dolphins at risk of disappearing

    AFP - 5 hours ago

    As Hong Kong seeks to expand its international airport and with a major new bridge project under way, campaigners warn that the dwindling number of much-loved pink dolphins in surrounding waters may disappear altogether. More »Hong Kong's dolphins at risk of disappearing

  • Protesters push leaders to avert climate catastrophe

    AFP - 9 hours ago

    Masses of people joined a worldwide wave of marches on Saturday demanding leaders craft a pact to avert a climate catastrophe when they gather in a still-shaken Paris. More »Protesters push leaders to avert climate catastrophe

  • Hamstrung by Congress, Obama tries to clinch climate pact

    Associated Press - 10 hours ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is trying to negotiate a legacy-making climate change pact this coming week in Paris with one hand tied behind his back. Congress can't even agree whether global warming is real. More »Hamstrung by Congress, Obama tries to clinch climate pact

  • Paris climate activists plan human chain on global day of action

    Reuters - 10 hours ago

    By Alister Doyle PARIS (Reuters) - Activists plan to join arms and form a "human chain" in Paris on Sunday to urge action on global warming, in a muted rally after attacks on the city by Islamic State, at the heart of worldwide protests on the eve of a U.N. climate summit in France. More than 2,000 climate events are planned in cities including Sydney, Jakarta, Berlin, London, Sao Paulo and New York, making it one of the biggest days of action on climate change in history, organisers say. Activists in France scaled back their plans when the government imposed a state of emergency after the attacks two weeks ago killed 130 people, banning the planned demonstration in Paris, meant as the biggest of all. More »Paris climate activists plan human chain on global day of action

  • Nuclear crossroad: California reactors face uncertain future

    Associated Press - 11 hours ago

    Six years ago, the company that owns California's last operating nuclear power plant announced it would seek an extended lifespan for its aging reactors. Pacific Gas and Electric Co. envisioned Diablo ... More »Nuclear crossroad: California reactors face uncertain future

  • NYC-area ports stare down sizeable challenge of modernizing

    Associated Press - 12 hours ago

    From ultra-thin laptops to drones to smartphones, the shelves of big-box retailers overflow with gadgets to help us communicate and conduct business at greater and greater speeds. What's largely unchanged ... More »NYC-area ports stare down sizeable challenge of modernizing

  • Hands on: Sena Apple Watch case

    Digital Trends - 12 hours ago

    Accessory and case maker Sena made a case and charging stand for the Apple Watch, which fulfills a niche that may not exist at all. Rather than produce a stand that’s suitable for the office, a bedside table, or the living room, Sena targeted the traveler. It’s an odd choice, because many Apple Watch owners on the move will have their Apple Watch strapped to their wrist, rather than hidden away in a case. However, this isn’t just a carrying case, it’s also a dock that’s suitable for bedside or mobile office use. It houses the standard Apple Watch charger, so you can juice up your Watch at night. If you’re the stylish type, who finds the stock Apple Watch charger too ordinary, too inconvenient, or just out of place among your other possessions, then Sena’s case is for you. A simple, sophisticated design The Sena case comprises of several parts: A dock into which the standard Apple Watch charging disc clips, a small base section, and a larger top section to keep everything hidden and safe from harm. It magnetically attaches to the base, and is strong enough that you have to tug to separate it. The top certainly won’t pop off when the whole thing falls on the floor, but it’s not the tightest fit. Sena’s case is designed to keep your Watch safe when it’s inside a bag, not your butterfingers. Andy Boxall/Digital Trends Wrapped in leather, the case looks and feels very classy. The leather isn’t overly grainy, and the dark color gives it a subtle feel. You have to take a close look to establish that it’s more than just a textured imitation of leather. The Watch sits on a plinth covered in a micro suede lining. It’s impossible to say after just a week of use if it’ll be durable over time, but it certainly looks great, and maintains the luxury ambience of the Sena dock. The charging disc that comes with the Apple Watch fits inside a specially made housing, and the cable can be wrapped underneath the plinth, then fed out the other side. It’s a neat solution, and reusing the Apple charger helps keep the price sensible. To fit the cover over the top, ensuring the Watch is safe inside, the strap needs to be done up. It’s a bit of a pain, because the security of the attachment to the dock depends on which strap is on your Watch. For example, the standard Sport strap is fine, but fiddly to do up on the dock, while a third-party metal link strap was too small to fit properly. The strap was adjusted to fit my wrist and not the Sena dock. It’s not a huge problem, but if the Watch isn’t tightly secured, it rattles about inside the case when it gets jostled during transit. Of course, if you just have a leather or silicon strap that doesn’t make noise, or you don’t plan on travelling around with the watch case, then you won’t experience the same difficulties. Our complaints are more or less niche problems for a niche product. Just remember, though, the case’s top isn’t securely attached, and it will come off if you’re not careful. That means your watch may escape into your bag, which defeats the whole purpose of having it in a case. Related: Apple Watch at the ready? Feature-packed WatchOS 2 is out now However, upon arrival at your destination when you place it on the desk, the Sena Watch case is a really beautiful piece of kit. It’s shown off to the best advantage in snobbier settings, surrounded by leather-clad volumes, oak paneling, and crystal decanters. The Watch sits on the dock with the screen in landscape orientation, so it shows the Nightstand mode when charging. The large top cover can be used to raise the height of the dock in this situation, should it be necessary. Limitations for travellers and some alternatives Taking the Sena Leather Watch Case away for the weekend revealed its shortcomings. It sat in my bag for the first day because the Watch was on my wrist. It didn’t need charging the first night, so it stayed where it was until the second night, when I used the charging dock. Then, the case returned to my bag for the journey home, once again without the Watch inside. Just taking the Apple charging disc would’ve taken up less space in my luggage, and done the same job. The Sena case looked cool when it was out, though. Andy Boxall/Digital Trends These complaints aren’t really a slight against the case itself. It’s very well made from attractive high-quality materials, and its luxury feel is appropriate, given the Apple Watch’s premium price. It also looks fantastic when used as a dock. The $80 price isn’t too extortionate, and it’s equal to Apple’s own wireless — but less attractive — Apple Watch charging dock. Related: You can buy the official Apple Watch Dock online now If you want a more stationary dock at a lower price, Native Union’s $60 Apple Watch dock is gorgeous and very sturdy. It’s heavy, though, making it less portable. Belkin also has a dock, which sports charging ports for your iPhone and Watch, for $130. It’s pricier and less portable, but it does charge both devices at the same time with minimal fuss. We’d recommend either of these for anyone who isn’t looking to travel, but wants a nice charger for their Apple Watch. However, if you envisage making good use of the Sena case’s ability to neatly store your Watch and its charging disc while traveling, you’re not going to be disappointed. The case is light and easy to bring along with you, it manages the charging cable well, and it looks snazzy. Highs Premium build quality and materials Versatile charger and case Doubles as a stylish charging dock Lows It’s not useful for everyone Doesn’t clip together securely More »Hands on: Sena Apple Watch case

  • Progesterone May Not Lower Risk of Repeated Miscarriage

    LiveScience.com - 12 hours ago

    Pregnant women who have had several miscarriages in the past are sometimes given progesterone supplements, in hopes of avoiding another miscarriage. In the study, researchers found no difference in birth rates between women who received progesterone treatments during their first trimester of pregnancy and those who received a placebo at that time. Among the women given the supplements, 65.8 percent maintained their pregnancy, compared to 63.3 percent of those given the placebo. More »Progesterone May Not Lower Risk of Repeated Miscarriage

  • Another American Ebola Survivor Had Eye Problems

    LiveScience.com - 12 hours ago

    Ebola survivor Dr. Ian Crozier wasn't the only American to experience eye problems following the disease — a new report describes eye problems in another American doctor who lived through the disease. Dr. Richard Sacra, who works for the Christian mission organization SIM USA, contracted Ebola last year while caring for pregnant women in Liberia during the rise of the Ebola outbreak there. More »Another American Ebola Survivor Had Eye Problems

  • Why Menstruation Remains a Medical Mystery

    LiveScience.com - 12 hours ago

    Humans are among the few species in which the process occurs, and although researchers have ideas about why menstruation happens, there are many unknowns. But a better understanding of the hows and whys of menstruation is needed, researchers say. "There's so much we don't understand about why this repeated event of shedding and repair happens," said Dr. Hilary Critchley, an ob-gyn and reproductive health researcher at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. More »Why Menstruation Remains a Medical Mystery

  • Can world leaders reach climate change deal?

    Al Jazeera - 13 hours ago

    Upcoming Paris conference will have a major impact how we live our lives and those of future generations. More »Can world leaders reach climate change deal?

  • Commonwealth wants 'ambitious', legally-binding COP21 result

    AFP - 13 hours ago

    The Commonwealth on Saturday pledged itself towards an "ambitious", legally-binding outcome from the world climate change summit, saying it was "deeply concerned" about the disproportionate threat to its most vulnerable members. More »Commonwealth wants 'ambitious', legally-binding COP21 result

  • Why Massachusetts wants to raise the smoking age to 21

    Christian Science Monitor - 13 hours ago

    Needham, Mass., raised the age limit for buying cigarettes in 2005, and rates of high schoolers smoking dropped from 13 percent to 7 percent by 2010. By 2012, other communities saw the change and began to follow suit, Colleen Quinn reported for Boston.com. The Massachusetts legislature is considering an age limit of 21 instead of 18, the Associated Press reported. Hawaii was the first state to raise the age limit on cigarettes to 21 in June, and California and Washington also considered it this year, The Christian Science Monitor reported. Critics in Hawaii opposed the change on civil liberties grounds, the AP reported. More »Why Massachusetts wants to raise the smoking age to 21

  • Hollande, activists gear up for critical climate talks

    Associated Press - 14 hours ago

    PARIS (AP) — French President Francois Hollande met with environmental groups Saturday, pushing for an ambitious global deal to reduce man-made emissions blamed for global warming — with emphasis on helping developing countries adapt to a changing world. More »Hollande, activists gear up for critical climate talks

  • Putin, citing national security, signs Turkey sanctions decree

    Reuters - 14 hours ago

    By Andrew Osborn and Polina Devitt MOSCOW (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin signed a decree imposing a raft of punitive economic sanctions against Turkey on Saturday, underlining the depth of the Kremlin's anger towards Ankara four days after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane. The decree, which entered into force immediately, said charter flights from Russia to Turkey would be banned, that tour firms would be told not to sell any holidays there, and that unspecified Turkish imports would be outlawed, and Turkish firms and nationals have their economic activities halted or curbed. The gauntlet thrown down to Russia is unprecedented. More »Putin, citing national security, signs Turkey sanctions decree


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