Scientist and filmmaker discover a monster-sized 5ft venomous snake in Spain

This video shows wildlife filmmaker Ewan Wilson and professional herpetologist Max Smeele spotting an enormous 5ft Montpellier snake in Spain. They were on the field looking for snakes when Smeele suddenly stopped and pulled the snake out from a bush. The team took the snake to a safe place so that they can film it properly. This venomous reptile is the size of a small person and is large enough to kill and devour a medium-sized rabbit. The clip also features an interview where Wilson asked the scientist about this animal, while the snake was hissing. The snake was later released where it was found. These animals are part of the Iberian ecosystem. However, sometimes they are unfortunately killed on sight. This video was filmed in Cevico de la Torre, in the northern part of the autonomous community of Castile and León, in Spain, on April 14.