Scientists discover see-through frog that lets you see its internal organs

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

If you’ve ever wanted to see inside of a frog without actually cutting it open then you’re in luck as scientists gave discovered one that is completely see-through.

The Hyalinobatrachium yaku lives in the Amazonian lowlands of Ecuador and just like other glassfrogs, it features transparent skin on its belly.

However, what makes this species different is the fact that it’s heart and head are also transparent – meaning you can see its internal organs by looking underneath it.

The glassfrog features transparent skin that allows you to see its internal organs (ZooKeys)

The frog, discovered by Juan M Guayasamin from the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador, measures a fiddly two centimetres in length and is distinguish able by dark green spots at the back of its head and back.

But clearly the main feature is its see-through underside, which allows you to see its kidneys, reproductive system, heart and bladder.

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Scientists aren’t exactly sure why these glass frogs have a transparent belly but one theory is that it will confuse predators and help the frogs avoid being detected.

Somewhat predictably, human activity is threatening the species, with pollution, road development and oil extraction all making it difficult for the frogs to thrive.

Top pic: ZooKeys