Scoreboard falls onto basketball court at GWU, but it's not as bad as it looks

A scoreboard fell to the court while undergoing maintenance at George Washington University. (AP Photo)

A day after the U.S. women’s basketball team played a game at George Washington Universtiy, the scoreboard fell onto the court. The scoreboard dropped from a short distance while undergoing routine maintenance.

There were no injuries, though it did lead to a bizarre picture.

George Washington University’s official Twitter account responded to that picture, saying the scoreboard dropped “unexpectedly from its lowered position just above the floor.”

That wording makes everything seem far less drastic. This wasn’t a scenario where the giant scoreboard plunged to the court from high above in the stadium. It doesn’t sound like this was something players on the U.S. women’s basketball team should have been concerned about during Monday night’s game.

The school is still assessing the area around the court for damage. Because even if it only fell a short distance, a scoreboard of that size can still do a lot of damage.

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