Scotland wants to keep the pound, the queen and EU - Salmond

GLASGOW, Scotland (Reuters) - An independent Scotland would keep the British pound, the queen and remain in the European Union but have its own defence force and collect its own taxes, First Minister Alex Salmond said in a report published on Tuesday.

In a 670-page blueprint aimed at convincing Scots they should vote on September 18 next year to end a 306-year union with England, Salmond said there would be no need to increase taxes if Scotland broke away.

"We know we have the people, the skills, and resources to make Scotland a more successful country," said Salmond, head of a devolved government in Scotland, which for now is still part of the United Kingdom.

He said Scottish taxes would not be spent on nuclear programmes and the United Kingdom's nuclear missiles would be removed from Scotland for good.

"Independence will put the people of Scotland in charge of our own destiny" he said.

(Reporting by Belinda Goldsmith, Editing by Guy Faulconbridge and Stepehen Addison)